Transform SL1200 MK2 to M3D
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zephyrin    posted on 04-05-2006 13:04
I wanted to know if someone try to made an MK2 turntable like an M3D with change MK2's pitch slider for a M3D's pitch slider and adding PICTH RESET SWITCH P.C.B and the switch button ? I have look the Manual service of the two turntable and it's seeming possible.

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Lead    posted on 04-05-2006 15:17
Lead's Technics SL1210 LTD.... this comes close....
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Laidback    posted on 04-05-2006 15:25
it is possible Happy, laughing
for the Pitch reset Button it would get a Bit tricky thouh ..
Drilling a hole in a Technics would be the last thing i would do in my life.. lol
zephyrin    posted on 04-05-2006 16:13
i have see your topic about Lead's Technics SL1210 LTD. But i don't want modify MK2 pitch slider as you made for your modification. i wanted to replace it by an M3D pitch slider
i will understand that the switch add on the SL1210 LTD it's just for increased or decreased speed ?
Lead    posted on 04-05-2006 19:27
The M3D fader is actually just a regular 12xx fader, but the click is missing.

The switch is to select a pitch range of about 8% or about 15%...
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zephyrin    posted on 04-05-2006 19:52
Lead do you know if it was esay to add switch for reset speed as on M3D ?
I supposed that you disable lock quartz on your SL1200 LTD how you do to keep the led light ?
Lead    posted on 04-05-2006 20:28
The illumination stays in tact. The locking function is only disabled.

I haven't tried it myself so I haven't done any testing. But it seems to me that when you cut the orange wire (needed for the 0% mod) and you make a switch that connects it to the TT Ground this should do the trick.

But again: I haven't tested this...
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zephyrin    posted on 04-05-2006 21:29
I m looking the manual service for M3D i m suspected that the swtich reset also bypass pitch slider. I think if i switch only orange wire, i must have the pitch slider around the 0 click position. Perahph also on MK2 's pitch slider the cliks bypass in the same time the slider.

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