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Junaid    posted on 02-05-2006 11:18

The time has come , after 13 years on vinyl , to finally switch to cd,s . I never thaught this would happen with some like me , but i guess the way forward is cd,s . I did try the pioneers? , but some how it never gave me the vinyl feel that i am addicted to , to be honest mixing on cd,s is bloddy tough for me . I am confused the technics has the platter feel? but people say there are issues with its pitch control., It takes 8 seconds to load a cd etc etc,

can some one pls?tell me about this issue with technics cd decks , whats the feed back ,

whats the closest cd player for the vinyl feel

Thanks in advance

Junaid Mumtaz
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dancedimension    posted on 02-05-2006 11:24
I think that the Numark CDX-1 the one is with the most vinyl feeling
djjw    posted on 02-05-2006 11:40
Poster: Junaid
whats the closest cd player for the vinyl feel

Junaid Mumtaz

Hi Junaid, welcome @ djresource
I think a cd player with great vinyl feeling is a Numark cdx,
however the sound of scratching is more digital then the pioneer
cd player's (wich pioneer did you try ?)
the cdx looks a lot like a turntable but without a tonearm,
he's got a rotating platter..
with the technics idont have enough experienc to give you
a good answer..

Numark CDX

if you search on cdx you get more topics..
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Junaid    posted on 02-05-2006 13:45

Thanks guys ,

fingers crossed , tried the pion 1000 mk2 ,

my heart says the technics m but the feedback on them is really bad , any more comments

PatrickBeuken    posted on 02-05-2006 16:12
Pioneer players have a good vinyl sound... The music stops when you touch the jogwheel, you can set brake and start times, and so on. The only difference is the rotating platter... Pioneer's haven't got a rotating platter, so maybe you'll miss it. This means that you have to correct your music on a Pioneer in another way as on a turntable or cd-player with rotating platter. (If I'm right.)

For the sound I would choose a Pioneer, but for the feeling is a CDX probably better. I would never go for that Technics cd-player. Ok... it looks nice and it has a rotating platter, but the sounds is really terrible. I used it a couple weeks ago, so I'm talking with experience. There is a movie on the internet (somewhere on this site?) where they compare the Pioneer CDJ1000, with the Technics cd-player and a denon cd-player.

Ever thought of one of the new Denon cd-players with rotating platter?
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teddyaakre    posted on 02-05-2006 21:26
There is a video comparing the denon 5000, the technics and the pioneer cdj 1000...

This really got me looking away from the technics.. It sounds extremely digital.. which is not a good thing..

If you dont like the pioneers.. try the denons.. i especially liked the 3500's

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Illusion    posted on 02-05-2006 23:27
Yes... Ass teddyaakre says,,, The Denon Cd-Players also give an very good feeling of vinyl. I'm Personaly a Pioneer fan, and I can say that Pioneer is the best if you want the Vinyl Feeling,,, but I think everyone has another opinion. One is saying that that cd-player is beter, and someone else likes the denons more....

The Best Thing is to test it by yourself,, there are many places to try these cd-players, and you can also look on Dj Resource. There are many demo Video's made by Lead and other Dj's.

You can also look on for some denon movies

Good Luck

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Day-One    posted on 03-05-2006 08:08
Poster: dancedimension
I think that the Numark CDX-1 the one is with the most vinyl feeling

but the loading time still remains....

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