Stanton m304 and Pioneer efx1000
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Scrappy    posted on 25-04-2006 03:28
Hello all,

I recently picked up a stanton m304 mixer to bring to some of my smaller gigs.? I am having a problem when I hook up my Pioneer efx 1000 to it.? I can hear the effects on the headphones but not over the main speakers, has any one had this problem B-4?? and suggestions would be awesome.? Thanks!
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Winston    posted on 25-04-2006 13:52
Sounds strange. Can you explain in detail how you have hooked it up and how you are trying to activate the efx on the mixer. Probably it's not your fault, but just to be sure.

But congrats with your new mixer. How do you like it except for the efx problem?

Tic Toc
Scrappy    posted on 25-04-2006 20:15
Well I have the efx hooked into the the send recieve jacks in the back of the mixer.  There is a small button above each channel called "FX loop" I push that to try to engage the fx and nothing. 

Now I really have not had a good chance to really play with it because I traded in my tables for some cdj 800mk2's that I am waiting for in the mail.  But I did try it before with some other equipment briefly. 

About the mixer though, It's awesome!! Once I get the fx thing all taken care of I don't think I'll every use the djm 600 again.  The sound quality is amazing on m.304. 

The only thing that I don't like is that there is no fader curve on it, so I hope that wont affect my scratching.  But everything else about it is great!
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Lead    posted on 25-04-2006 23:13
The Stanton m.304 seems to have all the connection that you need, allthough I do not know how it actually routes the sound. Obviously you've connected the send to the input of the EFX-1000 and the return on the output. Set the in/output level switch to +10dB.

Make sure that both rotaries (input and output adjust) are opened and both effect switches are in OFF position.

On the 304 I can only see the FX button to mention, I guess it will send the signal through the send/return when activated. Which signal is routed through the send/return (before or after the EQ/Fader/Xfader) and is it inserted or does it mix the send/return signal is dependant to the electronics of your mixer.

If you've followed above description and the EFX still doesn't receive a signal it must be a operations issue with mixer...

Let the BASS be louder
Scrappy    posted on 26-04-2006 20:21
Well thanks boys, I tried everything I could think of with this mixer.  Looks like I'm gonna nix it.  Bummer...Such great sound on it.

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