technics sl1200 pitch fader problems
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easye    posted on 24-04-2006 20:09
i recently bought an old pair of sl1200mk2's(the end of the mk2 series) and i am having a problem with one of the decks pitch...

the board that sits under the pitch fader is really old and has been repaired with solder and wire and it works, but i am having a problem i replaced the pitch fader coz i thought it was time for a new one and since then i cant get the pitch sit perfect,if i adjust the pot on the board next to the slider and get it to sit right (when the deck is at say -3% pitch the plater light at the bottom sits still) the pitch doesnt stay constant,it speads up and then slows down and speads up and slows down... but when i set it so that the pitch is constant without the fluctuations on the platter then the pitch is all the way out,like 0% sits behind the quarts light and when u speed the deck up past 0% pitch then it is completely out all together, is there any one out there with any suggestions? like getting the board undwer the slider remade/replaced? also when i try and take the platter out it is super hard to get out... could that be the problem and do i need to lubricate / clean out the motor? please help...


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the-melody    posted on 24-04-2006 20:17
i think tha you have to replace the printplate(this is where te pitch is on it) first you screw the technics open, to the left(or right) is an green plate that one you need, buy a new of that and mount it back to the pitch fader, you need to solder, and your technics has to work now(normaly). sorry but my english is badUnhappy this is what i had to do with mine and it works back:d

edit: this is that printplate that i meanImage
(bron )
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easye    posted on 24-04-2006 20:20
thanks... i was wondering if that was the problem... any other suggestions with the sticky platter?
easye    posted on 24-04-2006 20:22
does anyone have the a copy of the circut that i can have printed in order to make up a new print plate / circut board?
the-melody    posted on 24-04-2006 20:24
buy just an new printplate, its only kost 40 euro's in belguim
easye    posted on 24-04-2006 20:44
i would purchase it but i live in South Africa, i have been to the agents and they have not been help full at all...
the-melody    posted on 24-04-2006 21:20
ah that's sucksUnhappy , else import from here, or sowhere else?
Lead    posted on 25-04-2006 00:15
Those circuit boards will probably be only available through the official service channels. Those parts are available in europe but pretty expensive. Also packaging cost would be high I guess...

Can't you hard-wire it ? The circuit board is pretty straight forward and it would only take you a few hard wires, I know it's a dirty solution, but if parts are not available you need to be creative Winking my eye

Check our Download Section, there's a product Manual for the 1200LTD, but the used circuitboard would fit yours (if it's not one of those ancient one >20 years old).

When you platter has trouble in keeping a steady pace it could be several things among which are: bad connection/soldering of the fader, bad connection between the ciruitboard and cable, bad connection at the other end of the cable, broken drive IC and there could be 1 or 2 more things wrong. Measuring is the only way out when you want to di it yourself...

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