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RHayn    posted on 15-04-2006 23:32
Hi there im new here, and i know u must get a lot of this help topics but i was wondering if u can help me out here
Id like some help to choose a set up that is not?so expensive cause im 16.... my dream of course is a cdj 1000 but i guess im still far from that hehe
My gender is trance and i started with traktor 2 and now im working with traktor 3 so i think is time to take the next step.
I like new technologies so i guess i wouldnt use vynil, i would also like some connectivity to my laptop,?i heard that with final scratch you can do that.

I?ll be grateful for any help


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What do you think about HElp a padawan dj pls ??

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Illusion    posted on 19-04-2006 14:32
Well padawan... i sense much anger in you....

fear is the path to the darkside... fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... hate leads to suffering

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pioneer is very expensive... but when i was sixteen i had one pioneer cdj 100... you can look on some internet site's if someone is selling an old cdj 100. In Holland you can get an cdj 100 for 200 Euro...

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RHayn    posted on 19-04-2006 21:40
yeah hehe but i want to buy something that will last me for a while, cause i must look a little bit into the future
Winston    posted on 20-04-2006 01:16
Hmm. I think you can buy the CDJ-200's. Have you figured out already what 1 CDJ 200 will cost to get it into your home? The Numarks are not a bad choice, although I have another model mixer of Numark than the ones you've mentioned. Also look at the 3 channel mixers of Stanton, if budget is a constraint to buy the 2 channel Pioneer mixer.
Tic Toc
RHayn    posted on 20-04-2006 04:07
well and think they cost 400 each and the shipping would be something like 100 dollars with ups, which numark do u have?
Winston    posted on 20-04-2006 14:23
I thougt it would be more expensive, only 20% added to the selling price in the USA sounds good.

I got the 3 channel DM3001X. I can clearly hear a little sound degradation, but its not so bad. Also because I have very good speakers. It features 3 band equalizers for each channel and kill switches. No effects. I guess it would cost around USD 275 at your door. The difference with the DM3002X is that it doesn't have separate channel VU meters. You would still be within your budget.

You should consider a 3 channel mixer if you also want to connect your laptop. Or you shouldn't mind using the input selector switches.

What soundcard does your lap top have? Only digital or also RCA outputs?

Also look at the Stanton C.303. It features a bigger jog than the CDJ-200, but it has no MP3 playback or effects as the CDJ-200. But it's a little cheaper.

You should also think about a headphone remember? And good ones are expensive, at least USD 100. Are you then still within your budget. I assume you already have decent speakers.

Tic Toc
RHayn    posted on 20-04-2006 21:04
my real problem now is the mixer,  i cant decide, i want a 3 channel but i dont know which

Winston    posted on 21-04-2006 00:25
If you will import from USA, your only choice for a 3 channel mixer will be from Numark or Stanton. Pioneer has no 3 channel mixers. Take a look at the specs of the model I own; it has all the basic features you'll need. Then make it as expensive as possible, thus what your budget allows. That is for added quality. Then you have automatically narrowed your choices down to a few. Then you can post again for a second opinion and finally make your choice.
Tic Toc

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