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RHayn    posted on 15-04-2006 23:32
Hi there im new here, and i know u must get a lot of this help topics but i was wondering if u can help me out here
Id like some help to choose a set up that is not?so expensive cause im 16.... my dream of course is a cdj 1000 but i guess im still far from that hehe
My gender is trance and i started with traktor 2 and now im working with traktor 3 so i think is time to take the next step.
I like new technologies so i guess i wouldnt use vynil, i would also like some connectivity to my laptop,?i heard that with final scratch you can do that.

I?ll be grateful for any help


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What do you think about HElp a padawan dj pls ??

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Lead    posted on 16-04-2006 02:01
Hi Rhayn,

Welcome to DJResource :D.

final Scratch is a hardware box, some software and 2 discs. For Final Scratch you need turntables or Cd decks aswell. For only on your computer you might use something like Traktor DJ.
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RHayn    posted on 16-04-2006 02:06
Nice!! but my real question was wich with be a good equipment for starting i was suggested to get the cdj200 but i wanted to know what u think? u r the pros

Laidback    posted on 16-04-2006 02:29
The CDJ-200 is a real good cd deck!

its not a Scratcher.

but its a Great cd player to mix with...

Olso Welcome to djresource Happy, laughing

RHayn    posted on 16-04-2006 02:39
nice, what about some good mixer? still not that expensive but good
Laidback    posted on 16-04-2006 02:52
uhm.. yeah,, what kind of quality do you want..
Pioneer DJM300 would be a Great one
but i dont know if it is still to get

RHayn    posted on 16-04-2006 03:07
well the best quality u can get hehe
RHayn    posted on 16-04-2006 03:09
what about effects? should the mixer include them or....
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bi0nix    posted on 16-04-2006 10:19

my first mixer was a djx700. made by behringer. for what you want it is great with 4 channels and 47 effekts to mess with. awesome to start off your dj career.

Lead    posted on 16-04-2006 11:38
Try the DJM-400 which is replacing the DJM-300 at the moment
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Winston    posted on 16-04-2006 14:31
Hola, Welcome RHayn. What kind of brands of DJ equipment do they sell in Ecuador? Do you plan to buy your DJ gear in a local store or will you import? And can you give an indication of your budget. Ofcourse the CDJ 200 is a good player, but Pioneer is an expensive brand.
You will need effects on your mixer if you're planning to use those. I'm also into trance, but I don't use effects. No problemo.
Tic Toc
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RHayn    posted on 16-04-2006 20:13
nah we dont have much stores here so im gonna buy all on the internet and my budget would be something around 1500

teddyaakre    posted on 16-04-2006 22:54
well.... you wont get far with only 1500 dollars (Im assuming you're talking about dollars) because of the shipping price to equador.. Trust me... but you should look around at some webshops.. and put what you want into your basket.. and then see what it would cost to ship it to where you live

RHayn    posted on 16-04-2006 23:34
however, i have a friend in the US, maybe he could send it to me after i pay for it to to save some money
Laidback    posted on 17-04-2006 00:31
yeah but Air Mailing it from the us ..

its still pretty Expensive..

you talking about Dj Gear here..
and that Ways some more as Letters.. and normal packages..

But you might save a Few bucks on it Happy, laughing

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RHayn    posted on 17-04-2006 01:08
well, i guess i have no other option
RHayn    posted on 17-04-2006 01:17
Anyway, another cd player that seems good is the Denon DNS1000, ¿what do u think?
Day-One    posted on 17-04-2006 02:07
Take the CDJ-200 ur save some moren and get the CDJ-800 MK2 Thumbs Up (The MK2 cost $544,88)

Welcome btw Happy, laughing
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RHayn    posted on 17-04-2006 06:21
u sure the mk2 cost 544 dollars?  then of course ill buy those   or at least ill try hehe 
RHayn    posted on 17-04-2006 06:28
so what u think if i try with 2 cdj200 with the djx700?
Lead    posted on 17-04-2006 10:37
CDJ-200 are good, DJX700 would definitly NOT be my choice. Try some Numark, but perhaps with some bargaining you might be able to pick 2x CDJ-200 and 1x DJM-400 within your budget... you just have to look a little bit better Winking my eye
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RHayn    posted on 17-04-2006 22:03
is djx700 so bad?? hehe

teddyaakre    posted on 17-04-2006 22:44
well.. no one that has used equiptment that is of higher quality would recommend it Happy, laughing
RHayn    posted on 17-04-2006 22:58
ohhh, so which one would be a good good mixer around the 500 dollars?
RHayn    posted on 17-04-2006 23:49
what about the DXM09 and the DXM06 from numark? r they good?


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Gery    posted on 18-04-2006 22:52
Reloop has some pretty good mixers as well...

But in my oppinion most ppl are too much into pioneer...
Still I prefer to work with Denon.

Dual denon cd players work just like a charm, and it's not too expensive as well.

Maybe this will be hard, but I would reccoment on trying different kind of cd players before you buy something! Happy, laughing

good luck
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