Brainfreeze!! 1210 cables?
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teddyaakre    posted on 11-04-2006 14:40
This is really stupid, but i cant remember if i can replace the audio cables on the 1210 mg5's??
I need to know the answer because then I have to order more gold cables that connect to the xone...

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What do you think about Brainfreeze!! 1210 cables? ??

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the-melody    posted on 11-04-2006 14:42
i think that you have trouble with the contecting of the cables? Just cut of the connectors of the cables(sl1210m5g) en 'soldeer'=> don't now how thath is in the english) 2x mono jacks on it. Then you can just put it in the xoneWinking my eye Good luck(my english sucks)
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Nvie    posted on 11-04-2006 14:43
Of course you can Winking my eye The only thing you have to do is screw open your Technics Winking my eye
teddyaakre    posted on 11-04-2006 14:44
So it doesnt have the two holes in the back? The audio cables just stick out?? (havent seen the mg5's yet)

teddyaakre    posted on 11-04-2006 14:48
I dont think that i trust myself opening the technics and if you just cut the bad cables and reconnect it to the better one.. the sound still tranfers through the less quality cabel before reaching the better one which really has no point to it... if you know what i mean

lolbroek    posted on 11-04-2006 15:06
A Technics isn't like an OEM, an OEM uses replaceble cables, so you can change them yourself, but when you want to replace Technics cables, you have to open up your turntable i'm afraid.
Dav3    posted on 11-04-2006 15:07
I would't cut the cables.

According to Technics the M5G have better cables then the other decks have so why rewire them at all!?

Just leave it like they are Winking my eye
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the-melody    posted on 11-04-2006 15:12
yeah right the xone has jack mono inputs! and technics cinchWinking my eye
lolbroek    posted on 11-04-2006 16:10
Jack inputs? as far as i know the Xone does also have cinch inputs :s
the-melody    posted on 11-04-2006 16:11
yess that's true but the xone 92 has jack look at the websiteWinking my eye
Dav3    posted on 11-04-2006 16:48
It has bold jack and cinch... i have a Xone myself (:62) and played with the :92...

here is a link with a pic of the back:
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the-melody    posted on 11-04-2006 16:51
Xone 92: Only jacks.

xone 62 jacks and cinch.
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Dav3    posted on 11-04-2006 18:02
Nope your not looking right i gues, the 92 also ahs cinch in for the tt's and line in, only return 1 and 2 support jack Winking my eye

Don't look @ the collor only.

otherwise read the manual.

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