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Poll : Djm 800 or xone 92

-Pioneer Djm-800
-Allen and heath xone-92

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teddyaakre    posted on 27-03-2006 11:28
PLEASE help me... i really need to know which one to buy... i cant make up my mind... and once i buy one of them there is no turning back, because of all the money that were talking about...

anyways, have any of you tried both of these mixers?
Is the xones sound a lot better? if you add a efx-1000 to the xone will it be able to do most of the things that the djm 800 does...

help anyone?

What do you think about The djm-800 or xone 92 ??

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Camino    posted on 27-03-2006 12:46
try the search function: a lot has been written on this already, not sure how much in english. Do you spin primarily vinyl or CD?
Gilles    posted on 27-03-2006 12:58
make a wish list for yourself, what do you need, what do you want ....
then the choise will be more obvious for you.

also see that you can play with both mixers before you buy either one of them, just to feel how they work. For all that money you should be able to have some time with them.

Good luck
dion    posted on 27-03-2006 18:26
if you have the money for the xones en the 1000 than is that realy good  but the 800 is also verry good
teddyaakre    posted on 31-03-2006 21:44
I spin vinyl... mostly breaks.. and some progressive... i have two technics 1210 mg5...

I cant find anything written about this in english..

I might also but a cdj-1000 so that i can play more of my songs that are not available on vinyl

Camino    posted on 31-03-2006 22:19
wrote back to ur letter on pm... A&H Xone + later possible expansion with Pioneer EFX 1000; if you spin vinyl you might as well stay analogue, and the A&H filters are more extensive than pio's. plus, for breaks/progressives harmonic mixing isnt all that amazingly interesting...
Lead    posted on 01-04-2006 15:33
Poster: DeafDJ
A&H filters are more extensive than pio's. plus, for breaks/progressives harmonic mixing isnt all that amazingly interesting...

Pioneer filters can do about the same as the A&H one's but are (offcourse) different in some ways. DJM-800 has an individual parameter per channel (A&H can only do on 1 channel per filter). Pioneer combines the High pass and the Lowpass to 1 filter. The Sweep filter on the DJM can be compared with the bandpass filter of A&H.

Pioneer added the Harmonic mix (very nice for accapella's and samples) and the bitchrusher, which I've only heard on studio effects before.

On the DJM-800 you also have 13 effects and a better handling with the optional EFX-1000.

I've compared the sound quality of the Xone next to the DJM-800 in a studio. When you use only analogue signals they are of equal quality.

But when you hook up an CD player via the digital connection you will be amazed of the big sound difference...  I was a little bit shocked when I first experienced it, it gives a more wide stereo field and more and brighter details can be noticed. We've also measured the frequencie replonse on a spectrum analizer. Analogue connected the curve starts to drop around 17-18kHz for both mixers, but the DJM goes on to about 19.5kHz when connected digital. Allthough nobody can hear a tone of that frequency, this does make you experience a better sound.

But do the test for yourself and go to the shop, put both mixers to the side and try them out Winking my eye

But also in club situations I've heard several technicians comming up and complimenting the DJM with it's sound.
Let the BASS be louder
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teddyaakre    posted on 02-04-2006 15:31
Ok... you are making me doubt again... i only have one problem though.. i cant get hands on the djm.. the stores here in norway dont get them Unhappy ... so i would only be able to try the xone..

AAAARRGH.... i can't make up my mind.. in my opinion the xone looks nicer... and the name " ALLEN AND HEATH" has a better sound to it than saying I have a "pioneer" mixer.... But hey.. if the pioneer has equally good sound then i guess i will have to go with the pioneer...

teddyaakre    posted on 02-04-2006 15:53
Are there any videos of people using the xone... not like the ones they have on their website... more tutorial, like the video of the djm 800 that you can download from here.. i want to see a demonstration Happy, laughing

Lead    posted on 02-04-2006 19:51
Nope, not that I know of.

My choice would be DJM, but that's obvious Winking my eye
Let the BASS be louder
Decom    posted on 02-04-2006 20:15
Poster: teddyaakre
PLEASE help me... i really need to know which one to buy... i cant make up my mind... and once i buy one of them there is no turning back, because of all the money that were talking about...

Yea ... butt you are very lucky to live in norway ... cause you dont have to pay taxes :P and oure tax rate is 19% ... pff Unhappy

Camino    posted on 02-04-2006 20:32
norway has around 23% VAT and an extremely high income tax if i remember well Winking my eye

ontopic: i'd still stick to the xone - rather have a whole section allocated to controlling the filter parameters rather than one stupid little know. although the beatcrusher on the pioneer does sound like a great effect i must admit. Sound qualitywise, i still havent heard the pio - but I'll take a look around in my old SONO magazines for the tests on the Xone, and i'm sure Lead knows where to find the specs for the DJM
MauriceForge    posted on 02-04-2006 21:06
they djm800 and the xone92 are equal in sound quality, ive read a revieuw in djmag about the 800, and they were saying that the 800 is a better sounding mixer then any other analogue mixer in that pricerange, as for the digital connections, analogue is equal.

you have to ask yourself a couple of questions, if you play vinyl stick with a xone, if you want cd''s i guess the pio would be better.

Also ask what do you want on a mixer, efx are nice, but everyone already knows those effects, and those effects are quite boring nowadays even with the new ones onboard, they will eventually bore to. The Xone also has a four band eq wich is really cool for eq''ing those tracks.

Also the build quality of a xone is already proven, the pioneer still has to proof itself, so i would wait untill it is out a couple of months and then decide.

and still.........the xone does simply look better......Thumbs Up

Camino    posted on 02-04-2006 21:24
@ maurice: did this mean that you didnt go for the 800 after all? (kp2 works great by the way Winking my eye thnx!)
Collin    posted on 02-04-2006 21:29

for the info of the Xone 92

my choice is go for the Xone 92

Jorrit    posted on 02-04-2006 21:33
any argumentation with that choice should make your post meaningfull...

Are you judging by experience? Do you have experience with both mixers?
teddyaakre    posted on 03-04-2006 14:52
Thanks for all the comments... My friend just got his djm-800 yesterday..
I came over even before he got it out of his box.. Problem is that when he plugged it in, all the lights where on, on the whole mixer..

Nothing worked Unhappy !!!!!

I went to the pioneer site, and i found many complains on this topic. So I have decided to buy the Xone, plus i personally think the xone looks "sexier" :D

And yes.. the VAT in Norway is 25%.. the djm-800 in norway costs about 2600$
and the xone costs about 3000$... So I am considering ordering one instead

MauriceForge    posted on 03-04-2006 17:21
2 deaf dj, i haven't decided yet, the xone is a great mixer, the best.

The reason i would go for a djm is cause the djm is a fast action mixer, and im used to mix rapidly with 3 decks, you can do this on a xone, but its much tougher, cause a xone is a mixer for sublte mixes. so you can say i made a wrong choice by selling my djm 600 for the 92 i got. but my musical interests are changing a bit so maybe i would stick with the Xone. Still i will test the djm800 to the max, and if i like it, maybe i will sell. cause you can mix sublte on a fast action mixer, but you cant really mix fast on a subtle mixer. don't get me wrong the xone is capable of doing it, with its faders and build in theory, but it just don't works like this, you can hear in mixes from al the dj's who used to mix fast, but since the xone, they don't.

but if long subtle mixes are your thing, go for a xone, its still the best for now.....

MauriceForge    posted on 03-04-2006 17:22
ps : i''m glad your kp2 works out! have fun with it...
MauriceForge    posted on 03-04-2006 17:27
and to teddy, that's what i meant when your friend got his pio, new series always have diseases, so that's why the xone is already proven, and the pio has to prove itself, and it looks like the first problems are already coming.............

that's the reason that when something new comes out, i wait with buying untill all the mistakes are solved.

teddyaakre    posted on 03-04-2006 17:28
I don't see how the DJM is a faster mixer, since they both have about the same layout. But I get what you are trying to say, DJ's that mix slower, for example John Digweed fall for it. Hmmmm

MauriceForge    posted on 03-04-2006 18:08
that true, the lay out is perfectly capable of doing it, but ive had a djm600 for two years and i have my xone for nearly 1,5 year now, and my mixingstyle has changed by the mixer, this is not a bad thing, its just what you like more....
teddyaakre    posted on 03-04-2006 23:15
Is there anyone here that have had any bad experiences with the Xone92?

Camino    posted on 03-04-2006 23:18
well for a mixer in that pricerange i doubt "bad" would really be the right range... i'm still confused as to how maurice thinks the DJM is more agressive than the xone tho :S
Rhino    posted on 04-04-2006 12:47
i would say the xone can sound more agressive with it,s analogue style filters.
mabe he means that it would take less time to open and close a djm fader because of it,s shorter lenght.
But i,m pretty just as fast on 6 as on 4 cm channel faders.
and if things have to go real fast , then there will always be the curve controlled crossfader .
Happy, laughing
MauriceForge    posted on 04-04-2006 15:24
2 rhino : pio has 6 cm faders and the 92 about 7,5 a little longer.

With a djm800 you can really abuse a la dave clarke, and other fast mixers, its simply tougher to mix on a xone like this cause of the four band eq, a xone has a much more detailed sound cause of the eq so to sync 2 or 3 records together, you have to listen better.

like a said, you can mix fast on a xone but not so fast as a pio.

If you want to know exactly what i mean, try it....then you understand.

Al my dj friends who own xones, switched over from a 600, the first time they mixed on a xone they couln't get the records in sync, its just different, its really something you have to get used to...the eq from the xone works much different from other mixers.

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