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rpIII    posted on 17-03-2006 22:42
What's up everybody!
Well, I wouldn't say I'm new to the game but in a way I am. You see I used to DJ?about 15 yrs ago. And when the new CD craze hit I sold my equipment,?and now wanna get back into it.?Since then I've collected ALOT of?music on CD but also have all my LP collection too. I wasn't too much into?scratching and all but did ocassionally drop a few cuts here and there...playing mostly old school, hip-hop,R&B, freestyle...
So, I've been looking into cd players that #1) I can affford 2)can learn and do some of the?cool things that can be done with CD's and 3)not get?bored with the same old functions.
The?players I've been looking at are:?Gemini CFX30 and MPX30 the Denon DNS1000, and the Stanton C.304. As you guys now, these are all under $400 which is all I want to pay and about all I can afford right now. As for mixers I like the Behringer DJX700 which sounds like it has some cool effects and most of all is pretty reasonable and not to mention is 5 channel which I want to evntually add 2 turntables to play some of my old vinyl.?If you were in my shoes, which cd player/mixer combo would you choose? And what turntables are somewhat comparable to the 1200's but the most afffordable. Or, I may try to find used 1200's.
If you have any suggestions/comments please feel free.

Thanks y'all,


I've?beenI looking at have been My question to you all is with my budget for just cd players and a mixer what would you choose and why.
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Ramon72    posted on 17-03-2006 23:16
Hi Rick, your story sounds pretty familiar!

I too DJ-ed a lot in the late 80s early 90s at picked up the pieces about 6 months ago.
Just like you I looked at my 12" collection and wondered what the heck I should do with it So I spent a lot of time in wondering what player I should buy.
At first I just wanted to hobby around a little bit so I looked at Gemini, Denon (1000) and of course the Pioneer cdj800 (used).

But then I got really enthousiastic! This is where my story is a little bit different from yours, but I can imagine that you are about to do the same. DJ-ing these days is really great! Even if you are used to playing vinyl there are really great players that give you that same old feeling: (Numark CDX1, Pioneer CDJ1000, Denon DNS3500).

After experiencing with those players I decided to gain up my budget a little and finally ended up with two Denon DN-S3500s. I can imagine you love them just like I do.

So my suggestion: if you really liked DJ-ing 15 years ago: spend a little more money and get you one of those players I mentioned above.

Good luck!

Winston    posted on 18-03-2006 00:36
I would choose the Stanton C.304 because it has 4 bank buttons for cue point storage, sampling or looping plus onboard effects. It also looks nice.

A nice mixer would be the two channel Pioneer DJM 400 or the three channel Stanton mixer M303. Personally I don't mind using the input selector switches on each channel if I would have a turntable and cd player on one channel.

I don't work with turntables, but Numark as well as Stanton have nice turntables that won't hurt your pocket.

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