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JoshD    posted on 09-03-2006 23:49
Alright im assuming youve already had many topics asking for help and i appoligize for the incovience but i am planning on being a dj. I dont have much knowledge, except for the fact that i love music. Now im not no rich boy but what would be a good setup for me that would allow hook ups to laptops and ipods or whatever. Thanks

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djjw    posted on 10-03-2006 00:00
hey joshd,
first welcome to djresource...
to help you out, it`s important to know a few things, like your budget,
what kind of gear you are looking for, (turntable's / cd player's / mixer)
and what you would like to connect to the mixer.( like your laptop/ ipod)

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JoshD    posted on 10-03-2006 00:39
Alright well, for budget im not sure yet...i dont wanna spend anything untill i get advice from you guys. For equipment, i dont know anything about turntables....well actually i know nothing about niether...with turn tables, (this is gonna sound dumb), but arent records or lps all you can play on there....if so id go with something that can play mp3's, from ipods and laptops. I would definitely as i said want a mixer that hooks up to mp3 players and laptops/comps. I know im not very descriptive but im still learning
Camino    posted on 10-03-2006 00:58
well you can hook your MP3 players up to a mixer, but the problem is that with an iPod you can't change the speed of a track. This being said - DJing is all about getting the tracks to flow into eachother smoothly - which you obviously need to alter the speed for. There are a few (relatively expensive but unprofessional) solutions that you can use to hook up iPod's, i beleive Numark and Gemini have come up with a mixer with iPod controls. Advice: don't do it. Instead, get yourself a CDJ, a DJ cd player such as any of the Denon models or the CDJ series from Pioneer (excluding the CDJ100), burn your music on mp3 cd's (can fit about 100 tracks per cd), and use that. But DJ gear varies in price from around 500 - 5000 dollars for a setup; could you give us an aproximation of how much money you would be willing to spend?

Laidback    posted on 10-03-2006 01:00
yeah  a Budget Opinion..  that would be good..  the us has good prices on dj equipment!.. so it wont be hard to find..

JoshD    posted on 10-03-2006 01:04
Well because im a begginner i dont wanna go overboard. But idk 500-1k? idk somewhere around there. The ipod thing doesnt mean too much to me, i mainly wanna be able to hook a laptop to it
Winston    posted on 10-03-2006 01:43
Hey Josh, with the right cable you can hook up any lap top or PC with sound card to a mixer.

I like the fact that you said that you want to do it because you love music.

You will need cd/mp3 compatible dj players, a dj mixer, a headphone and a set of speakers.

Deaf DJ already mentioned some nice players.

Depending on your music and mixing style you can choose a 2, 3 or 4 channel dj mixer. You further got to know that there are mixers that are more geared to scratching / battle dj's and mixers for dance dj's.

If you are a bed room dj you can buy a computer speaker system if you can position those near your head to hear the sound loud and clear. This is the less expensive method to get high quality sound, which is important if you love music.

Else you will have to buy speakers with an amplifier or active speakers.

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JoshD    posted on 10-03-2006 01:55
Well im wanting to be able to dj for parties, weddings, dances...etc, i mean, i wouldnt mind some battling and what not but mainly i would like for dancing and such..
Winston    posted on 10-03-2006 02:17
You should mention your music style you plan to play with your set.

Most dj mixers are suitable for occasional scratching which wears the faders out faster.

Dance dj mixers are not named so to refer to dance parties, but I'm one of those who call mixers with longer fader sliders that way. Those enable you to regulate the volumes much better when you do longer mixes typical something a beatmix or dance dj would do more often then a scratch or battle dj.

If you like to do parties and you got the money as well I would recommend active speakers from JBL (eq. EON15P). They are pretty loud for smaller venues and have a nice quality sound. If you have bigger venues you can always rent more speakers.

Generally battling is done with turntables or sometimes with high end, thus very expensive cd players like the DENON 3500, Numark CDX and Pioneer CDJ-1000.

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JoshD    posted on 10-03-2006 02:34 music style is somewhat what i like as in old school rappers such as whodini, run dmc, public know, that oldschool type of feel. Thats mainly for what i have a interest in but i need something that allows me to play what people wanna hear too ya know?
Lead    posted on 10-03-2006 11:35
You first have to make a choice, which medium you are going to use.... CD or Vinyl ?

Nowadays I should go for CD right away. When I started playing there weren't decent CD players so I started on vinyl and later made the switch to CD. If I should be choosing again with the CDJ's that are available now, I would directly start on CD.

You go for vinyl ?? The reference deck is the Technics SL-1200/1210 MK2, all decks are compared to that. In some cultures Vestax might be named as the leading brand (mainly hiphop dj's). At this moment there are some EOM turntables from brands like Reloop, Stanton, Akyama etc that all produce this one model turntable featuring direct drive, high torqua, wide pitch range and some other features.
There are long threads allready trying to decide which turntable is the best, but not 1  model is the best, but Technics is a true DJ icon. If you should go for vinyl, I would go for the SL-1200.

Go for CD ?? Then again : make a choice : Rotating- or non-rotating Jog Dial??

In general, the better the Jog performance, the higher the price of the deck. When you want a rotating Jog dial on your CD player, you might want to look at : Numark CDX or Denon DN-S3500.

To my opinion, the best CD player with a non-rotating Jog is the CDJ-1000MK3, better for your wallet is the CDJ-800MK2. Both are no cheap players, but they offer a decent quality.

If you let go of the demand for scratching your choices are the easiest. There are lots of decks available from lots of different brands.... My favourite would be CDJ-200...

Hope this helps a little to make your choice of what to do next Winking my eye
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Camino    posted on 10-03-2006 15:39
with a budget of 500 - 1000 you're nog gonna get your hands on any Pioneer gear though unless you can find it second hand. I'm assuming that you're not including the price of speakers/amp in that budget?
JoshD    posted on 10-03-2006 22:58
no im right now focusing on getting mainly the mixers and the cdj's for now.
Camino    posted on 10-03-2006 23:21
so with MP3 compatibility; the option is between 2 cd players (basically) -

CDJ 200, By Pioneer, and

DN-S1000, By Denon

both are 400 a piece, leaving you with 200 for a mixer (not that much) some mixers around that price range would be:

DNX100, Denon, 200$

PMX05, Gemini, 200$

But i would suggest the numark DXM01USB - with 2 usb connectors for 250 bucks.

Hope this helps! 

JoshD    posted on 11-03-2006 00:13
I heard the cdj 200's werent good...maybe thats a wrong fact but from what i hear they are not good....buteh you guys are the professionals... Oh and ...for the 800's or 1000's, are there any upgrades you guys suggest?
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Lead    posted on 11-03-2006 11:23
Why should the CDJ-200 be no good, please tell us why ??

CDJ-200 is a nice deck, compact in size and features, while they are pretty reliable and experience no problems at all.

Upgrades for 800 and 1000 ?? No updates, just new models Winking my eye
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Camino    posted on 11-03-2006 11:35
well the 800 and 1000 also have mp3 playback, but are well out of your budget - then you're looking at 1300 (CDJ 800) and 2000 (CDJ 1000) MINIMUM for a pair. With the 200's, i've only had good experience... And i can guarantee you that Pioneer makes very durable products - so if you want to upgrade later you can always sell them for a descent price, something that can not always be said of denon. However, denon does have a scratch function (sounds like crap, i would personally never use it) and some extra effects. Its a nice player for at home, the DNS-1000, but if you want to hit the road i'd say go for the CDJ200's.
Pfunk    posted on 11-03-2006 11:38
I've got a pair of CDJ-200's myself... and i gotta tell ya... they're great!
I don't think there is an better alternative then these 2 within it's price.

However, you mentioned your music style is somewhat like oldschool rap/hiphop.
Usually the possibility to scratch is a must for dj's within this musicstyle. And if that's the same for you, then forget about the CDJ200's because scratching is not possible with these tabletop cd-players. An alternative would be the Denon DNS1000, although i've heard a lot of people saying that the scrathing on these players is not all that.

JoshD    posted on 11-03-2006 22:31
So would you reccommend me buying the 200's....Or should i save my money and in the future buy a 800 or a 1000 pair...
Winston    posted on 14-03-2006 02:24
You should test the CDJ 200 first. If you like it I recommend that you buy it immediately. Eventually you will own the high end players but if you love the music and you want to start now, then you need a set right now.

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