what is the best way to be a virtual dj?
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omerico    posted on 07-03-2006 13:59
what's the best software & hardware for the modern dj?

pioneer? final scratch? serato? traktor??mix vibes?

can anyone please help me too silence my mind?...

thank you very much fo all your replies...

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djmamo    posted on 07-03-2006 14:32
i don't understand your question?

if you want to do things witk the computer, i think the best is traktor or something

Gery    posted on 07-03-2006 14:45
It idd depends on the things you have in mind.
If you want to do things ONLY on your computer I suggest Native instruments Traktor DJ studio.

If you want to do more, you could combinate Traktor DJS with Stanton's Finalscratch.
Finalscratch works with timecoded 12" so the movements and adjustments you make on your decs are transferred to your mp3 or aac playback.

The newest of version of finalscratch (2.0+) are pretty accdurate and working perfectly flawless. Ive seen many in action and it's worth every damn euro!

But then again, if you only want to do some bedroom mixing I sugest just Traktor DJ studio.
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Camino    posted on 07-03-2006 14:59
A&H Xone:3D in combination with Traktor if you have a fat wallet...
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omerico    posted on 07-03-2006 16:03
do i look 2 u like a bedroom dj?
Camino    posted on 07-03-2006 16:08
well what i mean to say is that the 3D costs 2500 euros,  and that traktor studio is another 250 euros... so not exactly the cheapest solution but a nice one in either case.
omerico    posted on 07-03-2006 16:16
Poster: Gery

But then again, if you only want to do some bedroom mixing I sugest just Traktor DJ studio.

  - i've asked gary if i look like a bed room dj, but thanks any way...

- what do you think about the stanton/native instruments - final scracth 2?
Camino    posted on 07-03-2006 16:59
never used it... but from what i hear is that in any case you need some good needles on your TT's with a high output (like ortofon elektro's) for the best effect
donny    posted on 05-04-2007 06:37
If you have money for Serato. It's the way to go. Top of the line quality. I have Virtual DJ as well, but I feel that Serato is more stable. The only reason I like Virtual DJ, is because it supports ASIO drivers, and you can mix straight from your laptop w/ no external mixer, and includes FX, as with Serato, FX only comes with the TTM-57 SL mixer.

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