what cd deck?
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stalemate    posted on 18-02-2006 22:39
i am looking to replace my staton decks with cd decks, i cannot really scratch, i was just wondering what you think the best beat matching cd decks are?

I am tempted with the cdj800
but to be honest all i want is the best beat matching

i want scratch facility only because i assume it is easier to cue up a track
but i dont want to actually scratch
if that makes sense?

any help would be really appreciated

What do you think about what cd deck? ??

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Winston    posted on 18-02-2006 23:50
If you can really beatmatch it shouldn't matter which player you choose.

Just give the CDJ-800 a try.

Setting a cue point is easier on cd decks than turntables. And you don't really need a scratch jog dial. Just a jog dial for searching frame by frame and pitch bending should be enough.

Tic Toc
stalemate    posted on 19-02-2006 03:14
i am not entirely convinced that is true, whilst i have been djing for 7 yrs and can beat match flawlessly on vinyl decks, i am convinced that cd decks are not as accurate, from the limited experience i have had with them. I have read numerous reports saying that for rxample the cdj200 are better for mixing coz they have pitch increases of.02 rather than .05 of other decks.

I am not speaking from experience of course, but ultimately my point is i want the best mixing cd deck for the lowest cost, i dont think i need such an expensive cd deck as the cdj 800, but effectively that means getting a mid priced cd deck.

as far as i can see the, the options are the citronic ultima cd deck, the cdj 200, the vestax , the stanton 304 decks, the pioneer555 cd deck etc.

so as far as simple mixing goes what do you guys suggest?

the stantons look good but i have read some dodgy reviews and some good reviews so i am not sure........................
the-melody    posted on 19-02-2006 07:52
whats your budget? else try a CDJ1000MK2 or an denon DN-S3500
Camino    posted on 19-02-2006 10:29
@ stalemate about the .05 or .02% increments on the pitch scale:

Let me do a simple math figure for you:

I dont know what style you do, but for conveniences sake i will use 130BPM

If we assume that you have gotten as close as possible to the desired pitch, then the maximum error you can have is .025% (half of .05, because for example you are .3% too slow, you just increase the pitch by one step, causing the pitch to become .2% too fast). If we multiply .025% by 130, then the absolute maximum error you can have is .0325 BPM. This basically means that you have such a degree of accuracy that the tracks need to be running simultaniously for at least 5 minutes without any form of corrections for the tracks to come apart. Also, what this implies, is that when you are mixing yourself, it is impossible to be much more accurate than .10% anyways quite simply because the time it takes for you to be able to hear if you are going too fast or too slow is too long; the tracks don't fall apart fast enough. This is from a purely mathematical point of view, but of course it is still up to you to judge if the pitch range makes such a difference for you.

And as for your original question (sorry bout that longwinded explanation :p), I would go for the CDJ 800's. I also own these decks, and the scratch is pleasant for some people to mix (personally i dont use it often but i know some other members of this forum always do), and the large jog dial is very nice to use and deadly accurate. I still think the pitch bend characteristics of the Jog on the 800/1000 is nicer than of any other cd player, and that pitch bend buttons are not missed at all. But, the only way you can really know is by trying them all out. Perhaps the CDX from numark is something for you, looking at your turntable background... but as i have little experience with this deck I will leave it up to somenone else to explain. Good luck!

Edit: sorry missed the midrange price bit... in that case I'd go for the CDJ 200. Even though the 800 is still mutch better in my oppinion due to the superior jog dial and the Vinyl mode
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Winston    posted on 19-02-2006 19:53
The pitch increment on the display of the Stanton C.304 says 0.1%. But of all mid range players I surely like this one the best, although I never played with them.

It's like a cheap CDJ1000/800, so expect less quality in certain areas, but with most of the interesting features of the CDJ's (quick return, reverse play), effects, 4 hot cue's, 4 samplers, 4 loops and sequencing of samples. One of the members of this forum recently bought one and I'm waiting for his review.

Right now he only said that the bpm counter sucks (not realy important if you can beatmatch) and that he likes the 4 bank buttons (of course).

Tic Toc
JayK    posted on 22-02-2006 16:05
 You also should try out  the  Numark CDX  and compeer it whit the  cdj800

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