Need new headphones (In-ear any good?)
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Baldur    posted on 14-08-2012 07:16
I really need new headphones since my HDJ 1000 broke 2nd time the other day even though they are only 7-8 months old and always treated very well! I am really dissapointed in Pioneer since I only own products from them and love their products they realy let me down on this one.?

I have tried HD-25 and I didn't like them since they are flat and not much bass responce like the HDJ.
I realy want to get new HDJ's but I'm not sure I trust Pioneer , I have looked at the HDJ 1500 and 2000 and the 2000 look pretty solid but how are they really? are the main components out of magnesium or are they plastic? Are they gonna last me or just gonna break right away?

And the Stanton 2000s Pro? How are they? I somewhere read that Tiesto uses them , is that true? and are they good? They are pretty cheap so I cant imagine they are any good but I haven't tried any Stanton products so I dont really know them.

And one other thing , earbudds? I see alot of Dj's transforming to earsbudds instead of headphones like Laidback Luke. Is it any good? and what in-ear headphones should I try?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance Happy, laughing

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Aziaat    posted on 14-08-2012 09:57
Just for the record: it doesn't mean if something's cheap that it isn't any good.

For your headphone problem, you should go to an audiostore and listen/feel for yourself which headphone suits you better. Some like the HDJ2000 more then the HD-25, others (like me) just like Technics more.

I went looking for a headphone not so long ago and I tried the Stanton 2000's. Good value for the money but it lacked some in audioquality en robustness. The HDJ2000 is realy strong but it comes with a price. But again, you realy should try them all on and see for yourself.
MZ    posted on 14-08-2012 12:08
I have in-ears myself and I truly love them. Their comfort is outstanding and the isolation is really good too. They do cost a few hundred more than good headphones though... I don't know what you want to spend but I got myself the Shure se535 in-ears, which I bought for 390 euro's.

Winston    posted on 14-08-2012 14:21

The V-MODA's are now considered to be the hottest, strongest, best soundquality DJ headphones. Ofcourse quite expensive.

Earbuds are great, a must have if you value your hearing. Especailly the excessive sound volume in clubs can be damaging for your ears.

The 'disadvantage' is that you have to keep them on all the time and you have to do all your monitoring with the controls on your mixer.

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Baldur    posted on 15-08-2012 02:10
I really like the V-Moda! Starting to see them everywhere but didn?t know what there name was until now thank you Happy, laughing

The problem is that I live in Iceland so these exspensive headphones usually have to be specially order them so you cant really try them without buying :S

Winston    posted on 15-08-2012 13:13
The Stanton DJ-PRO 2000 are still the best price/quality ratio in their class. I own them, the sound is also good.

I don't like Pioneer. Not because they're bad. But I just don't like the idea of being part of a herd. Cry

I also own a Denon DN-HP1000. Also great. But in that price range I would go now, for the V-Moda.

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