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Lead    posted on 22-07-2012 17:18
We've renewed the design of DJResource a bit to reshape it to the current standard, meaning round corners, no divider lines and square blocks. At least, that's our vision of it. It's not a complete overhaul but just a redesign of the DJResource you are all used to. We didn't want to make a whole new website as we know our members are not used to that...

... I still remember one time when we divided the frontpage in 2 columns smile

The main changes are listed below in the General section :

OK Marker Increased website width from 950 to 1024 pixels
OK Marker Rounded up the outlines
OK Marker Standardized and modernized all error messaging
OK Marker Search bar moved to top-right
OK Marker Mails send bij DJResource now less likely to get in your mail spam box.
- Cleaned up the menu, removed most graphical stuff
- Introduced standardized Icon pack for functionality buttons (edit, submit, delete)
- Introduced new Font for headings
- Updated WYSIWYG text editor
- 404 not found page now shows proper requested link

OK Marker Made 2 columns with the latest items and the recent archived ones (showing more items on the page)
OK Marker Category overview incorporated as column in mainpage of News
- Cleaned up comment posting so less space wasted and useless lines removed
- Update/redesigned : User Error Reporting, page Navilink, Top menu, Add button

DJ Topics
- Tweaked the breadcrumbs navigation
- Added more spacing in topic accordion
- Some minor layout tweaks

DJ Booths
OK Marker Link to My Booths (your uploaded pics) can now be shared
OK Marker My Booth display order can now be manually sorted. Last new booth will get on top of the list.
OK Marker Redesigned logic's of adding a DJ Booth, now uses 3 steps to gather all info
OK Marker Added view : DJ Booth with a certain gear item showing
- Added navigation breadcrumbs
- Redesigned Editing of Booth
- Security check made to avoid adding 2 speakers, only 1 of that category is now allowed
- Name of DJ Booth can now be different from the name of the image in your Album
- Showing 3 top-10 listings on the main page

Navigation Changes
OK Marker Navigation arrows turns blue indicating you are browsing in a certain different order than by date DESC.
- When coming from a user-booth-list -> next/prev browses within user album
- When coming from the Gearbase showing booths with a certain item -> next/prev browses all booths with this item
- When coming from Top Voted list, the next/previous buttons browse all booth in order of vote average
- Added what text displaying what you are browsing with the next/prev buttons
- Added page numbering below next/prev buttons

- Cosmetic changes

OK Marker Re-makeup of layout, added rounded corners where applicable
OK Marker Added new link to to show DJ Booths with that gear item on it
OK Marker Search finally works, you can now properly use the search
- Updated the Breadcrumbs navigation
- Reduced height of product category menu on main.brand/category page
- Restyled Brand and Category overview, as well as the Favourite 3 List

Shop Survey (dutch section, only dutch shops for now)
OK Marker Shop owners info page added
OK Marker Review display screen redesigned so it looks different from shop display page
- Added Breadcrumbs
- Add-Shop and Add-Review buttons added to navigation strip
- Review button jumps to proper shop at most locations, to shop picker from main page
- Review length now 75 words instead of 125 (that was to much)
- Main page: added Map picker to find shops
- Main page : more text from less last reviews, also shows general star rating in blocks
- Removed search block, Shop Finder is now own sub menu

OK Marker Introducing pinned topics replacing the marked topics
OK Marker New Pin topic function to pin that topic to the top of the forum page and on the frontpage
- streamlined navigation structure
- Hotlink button (Hotlink to certain posting on forums) added to link to specific topic
- main page redesigned

OK Marker User Albums default sort order can now be re-ordered
OK Marker Increased size of uploadable image to 500kb
- Added 2 optional properties for your images: location and description
- Redesigned navigation menu, added proper breadcrumbs, standarized menu structure
- Main menu added shape around User Album selector
- Better indication that/how you can select a sorting order when viewing an album or Top-40 list

OK Marker?Mainpage nows shows Top 10 Voted
OK Marker?Mainpage also shows Last comments
- Player updated
- Comments now show proper forum user info (comments are actually forum posts)

Player Popup
OK Marker Added direct link to the Production in player popup (easier giving feedback)
OK Marker Added Next button that plays random track

OK Marker Big cleanup in navigation
OK Marker Mainpage now shows part of Bio instead of statistics and country of each Last DJ
- Added Breadcrumbs strip and smart submit button
- Navigation Panel only shows on main screen/letter overview
- Info and Error Messaging cleaned up and simplified

OK Marker Redesigned Category, User and Keyword section
- Breadcrumbs added and navigation cleanup
- Main, submit en view redesigned

- Increased banner size to 600x100pixels
- 'Add Link' button only appears when logged in
- Cosmetic Changes

The Wall
- Reduced intensity of wall background
- Minor comsmetic changes

- Minor Layout changes

- Minor Layout Changes
- Included Shopsurvey location to the search
- Included DJBooths gear items to the search

Known Issues remaining to do
Productions : Playlist doesn't work !
Profile : complete module need to be done
DJResource Shop : complete module needs to be done
Quiz : complete module needs to be done
Party : still only slightly modified
ProPlusRequest : still nothing done

We hope that you like the changes and as always are we open for constructive remarks so we can keep improving DJResource with your help. The list above also contains some things we've taken from the Bug Report... (it works smile )
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W.i.M    posted on 15-08-2012 20:21
Poster: jannickv
Als een topic gemarkt is, dan gesloten, kan je het niet meer unmarken en staat het dus voor eeuwig aan de top van de frontpage Unhappy

Das een goeie, dit moet worden veranderd.

Wat je wel kan doen als workaround is naar het forum gaan en bovenaan kiezen voor marked topics, daar kun je marked topics verwijderen of ze gesloten zijn of niet.
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
Roov    posted on 17-08-2012 11:24
Kwam net nog iets geks tegen bij het bekijken van Lead z'n DJ Booth.

En dan gaat 't om het stukje voor mijn naam (18550 == 18550 || Pro == Admin) Happy, laughing
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Lead    posted on 17-08-2012 16:53
Oeps, dat is een stukje debug werk wat per ongeluk is blijven staan...

Ga het gelijk weg halen !
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Limb-Girdle    posted on 17-08-2012 20:15
Persoonlijk zou ik de 'image not found' ook een stuk kleiner maken van de user ava's:?http://prntscr.com/dydki?
Where the music meets the deejay!
Lead    posted on 18-08-2012 00:53
ik heb hem n kleiner gemaakt, dit plaatje wordt over de hele site gebruikt voorontbrekende plaatjes. ook hele grote, maar ik heb hem nu veel kleiner gemaakt. Dit zou niet meer tot overlast mogen zorgen (na F5 Winking my eye )
Let the BASS be louder
Estacy    posted on 25-09-2012 17:49
Als je bij een item in de gearbase op DJ booths klikt, dan laat ie niet zoals eerst alle users zien, maar spring ie meteen naar de eerste DJ booth met dat item.
'George Clinton meeting Kraftwerk in an elevator'
Baart    posted on 25-09-2012 18:18
En als je op iemands profiel bent, en je klikt op dj booths krijg je forum replies?

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