which laptop battery choose??
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goodlove    posted on 20-07-2012 11:29
I tried to use my laptop on battery this morning but it wouldn't work. I am using Windows 7 and the icon box says?
(10% available, plugged in but not charging)
Laptop works fine when plugged in to mauns.
I have had a look in the Control Panel but can't find any means of checking the SAMSUNG RV515 Battery.
Although I very seldom work the laptop on battery, when I go to bed I usually put the laptop in Sleep mode, instead of cloosing down so presumably the laptop is using battery overnight to have the necessary power required in the Sleep mode. I switch off at the mains power plug.
I have been following this practice fairly consistantly for about 6 months or so, but occasionaly closing down completely.
May I assume that the battery is knackered? It was new when I purchased the new laptop last year.
Is there a way to check the condition of the battery, or whether there is a charging problem with the laptop??

dance2mix    posted on 20-07-2012 11:34
Which laptop battery should I choose*?
CDJ 850 K- DJM 700 K - HDJ 500 K - Event 20/20 BAS
LouisCasper    posted on 20-07-2012 11:44
Fully charge the battery, unplug your laptop and see how long it takes before the battery runs out. Don't use heavy programs like a DAW or photoshop-like programs during this 'check'. If the battery runs out in like an hour or so, your battery isn't working properly anymore and you'll propably have to buy a new one.
bambamstudio    posted on 26-12-2014 10:59

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