How much coast a Technics SL1200LTD?
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Poll : 1900,- euro, is it worth it?

-Hell yeah!!
-Nope not at all...

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Pellegrino    posted on 24-04-2012 17:05
I can buy a Technics SL1200LTD for ? 1900,- euro's

Is it worth it?
Waarom draait iedereen voor zijn muur?

What do you think about How much coast a Technics SL1200LTD? ??

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Lead    posted on 24-04-2012 17:27
The Technics SL1200LTD is not that limited, there are a few thousend of those models sold, but nowadays it is probably a rarety. So if you are looking for somethiing really special and have the money laying around doing nothing, you could go for it.

If you are just looking for a turntable, buy a regular model (without the gold) as it performs the same and only costs around 400-500 euro brand new. My personal opinion is that this is to much money... but I'm only playing with USB nowadays...

Nobody can tell you if it's wirth it or not (taking your wallet in consideration). Most people will find it to expensive, but nobody can speak for a collector (perhaps), as they spend more money on such things than other DJs Winking my eye
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Estacy    posted on 24-04-2012 17:30
dont buy them, not for that price. its a waste of money, they dont look THAT good and they will definetely wont go up in value.?
thats my opinion. For 1900 euros, you can buy some great mixers
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Lead    posted on 24-04-2012 17:54
but he's looking for a turntable I guess... Winking my eye
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Estacy    posted on 24-04-2012 18:25
true, but if you look at what 1900 euros can buy that ISNT a 1200 ltd. Possibilities for a gear upgrade are massive
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Pellegrino    posted on 24-04-2012 18:32
Well I have Technics SL1200 MK2, so I don't need them necessarily...

I just want two of them Happy, laughing
Waarom draait iedereen voor zijn muur?
Winston    posted on 24-04-2012 18:46
1 member likes this  You need Oprah's help Cool:

There are 4 quadrants, you should draw and figure out the position in which quadrant where the thing you want to buy.

1. don't need - don't love = don't buy

2. do need - don't love = do buy at lowest cost possible

3. don't need - do love = do buy at price value at a level where your love is satisfied without feeling ripped off, else dont buy

4. do need - do love = do buy at highest affordable cost if necessary
Tic Toc
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Pellegrino    posted on 24-04-2012 19:43
Hahaha thumb up!

Well it's don't need - do love! Cool
Waarom draait iedereen voor zijn muur?
Ashley    posted on 24-04-2012 20:03
2 members like this  Hoeveel strand een technics?

Maar wat nou als het lukt, mama?
Tekhead    posted on 24-04-2012 23:08
1900,00 euro for 1 SL1200 LTD , or for 2 TT's ?
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Dennis1981    posted on 25-04-2012 12:39
Poster: Tekhead
1900,00 euro for 1 SL1200 LTD , or for 2 TT's ?

Er staat er 1 in weesp voor 1900 te koop op marktplaats...

Edit : there's one in weesp on marktplaats for 1900.
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Winston    posted on 25-04-2012 14:41
Quadrant 3 is the most difficult quadrant. And I can't find the original article from Oprah, with more tips how to handle this situation.

But keep in mind that lifetime cost are also higher with regard to replacement parts.
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Luxx    posted on 25-04-2012 14:52
Poster: Ashley
Hoeveel strand een technics?


om maar niet te beginnen over Lead's tekst.
Winston    posted on 25-04-2012 20:09
Hi Luxx and other dutch typists, this is the english part of the forum. Cool
Tic Toc
JimmyJames    posted on 26-04-2012 11:06
If you can get 2 LTD's for approx 1600.- it is reasonable (if you think, the gold is worthed) But 1900,- for just 1 LTD, that's the stupidest thing i've read today Cool. You can buy 2 x 1210 M5G in good condition for approx 1200.- now a days, so why do you wanna buy 1 LTD for 1900,- (it's not faster, it's not stronger, it's not sturdier.....)

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