Difference WAV and MP3 files
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aurelienvdv    posted on 17-03-2012 17:12
hey, I have a question: This screenshot shows the same song loaded in deck A & B, the difference is that one of them is a WAV recording from vinyl (1536 bitrate, recorded in traktor with synq TT, ortofon dj S needle and quality cables).

The other file is 320 kbps. digital file

Now who of you sees which one is the wav file and the mp3 (haha I know easy)? And more important why do the waveform differ so much from one another... Happy, laughing

Just a question and quick thought I wanted to share




Estacy    posted on 17-03-2012 17:14
WAV is superior to MP3, thats why they differ.
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aurelienvdv    posted on 17-03-2012 17:17
Yes, I know. But why does the waveform seem larger for the mp3 file, and why is the sinuosity inverted in the 1st pichture?
Lead    posted on 17-03-2012 17:27
The waveformdisplay of a mixing app is not accurate enough to judge if a file is MP3 or WAV. A dj mixing program is not neccessarelly displaying a true representation of the audio, I would not compare tracks in such program. Use Wavelab/Audition/etc to compare files.

The spikes might be digital ditortion/compression noise or could be caracteristics of the audio.
Second image Deck B is distorted as it is recorded to loud, I should delete that file from my collection. You never want those flat edges in waveforms.

And I don't see the inversed curves, Deck A and B might be at diffeent scale or at another poit in time.

What's your point with this topic ?

WAV is superior in audio quality when compared to MP3. You use MP3 if filesize matters or you want to have the benifits of ID3 tags, but you know you trade that for sound quality.

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aurelienvdv    posted on 17-03-2012 17:44
forgot to mention I used an audio8dj to record the vinyl..

so you're saying that the waveform isn't accurate enough but the audio is properly processed by traktor?

deck B is a legal download file so I wouldn't delete it that easy... maybe it's distorted because I upped the gain in iTunes?

the inversed curves in the 1st picture are at the same scale (it's a screenshot... and the exact same point in time)

My goal in this topic is to comprehend traktor better and to gain knowledge about differences in audio quality.
Gery    posted on 17-03-2012 18:51
Of course.. digital downloads are mastered and limited at 0db, changing the gain in iTunes will distort the track..
As seen from the general wave form, you recorded at a lower volume than 0db, that's why the bought MP3 is louder.

Every recording configuration will produce SOME noise, there's no such thing as a noise-less recording,
it might be an explanation for the spikes.

To be shure you can record nothing and open the 'silent' file in an audio editor to see if there are the same spikes.
Possible origines of spikes in recorded audio are bad grounding on mixer/laptop power cord, bad shielded cable, metal objects touching your mixers mass.

But as wel the vinyl recording as MP3 show the same type of spikes, perhaps these are part of the audio caracteristics, but they are less strong in the MP3 due to the compression (flattens the wave form out)
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Sebasz    posted on 17-03-2012 19:29
Left is WAV, but right must be 64kbit mp3 or something because the difference is way too much. With 320kbps compared to WAV in traktor you wouldn't see any difference!

En waarom een topic in het Nederlandse forum met een Nederlandse titel, maar wel een Engelse post?
Lead    posted on 17-03-2012 20:47
Poster: Sebasz
En waarom een topic in het Nederlandse forum met een Nederlandse titel, maar wel een Engelse post?

true, topic titel and language changed
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stefanmplayer    posted on 18-03-2012 11:41
mp3 is a compressd file format, when you change a .wav file into a .mp3 the algorithm starts throwing out ''non essential'' frequencies, this results in a smaller file format, handy for chucking a whole bunch of music onto one carrier (carrier as in mp3 player, ipod etc) but will dramaticaly decrease the dynamic nature of a track, this effect causes people to say the ''audio quality is less than...''

the fact that on (most clearly visible) the mid/left picture you haven't got a nice and round sinewave but more of an edgy one is possibly due to a low sample rate, for more detailed info on that, go here >

hope this helps Winking my eye
stefanmplayer    posted on 18-03-2012 11:43
by the way, about my earlier comment, as lead said: traktor might not be accurately displaying the wavveforms so my theory about the sample rate only applies in the case that the software would be accurate
aurelienvdv    posted on 19-03-2012 10:39
Thannks Happy, laughing always trying to learn Happy, laughing

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