Nieuw: Numark x2 Hybrid (2/2)
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DJ_Inspiration    posted on 19-01-2006 15:57

x2 Hybrid Turntable
With 4.7kgf-cm of torque, Numark?s X2 benefits from the industry?s highest torque direct drive motor?providing the stability and durability professionals demand night after night. Featuring adjustable pitch control and support for both 33 and 45 RPM vinyl records, this exceptional turntable employs an ultra-precise aluminum tonearm with cue, height, and anti-skate adjustments, and accepts straight or S-shaped tonearms by means of its interchangeable tonearm system. With its 12-inch anti-drag aluminum platter designed specifically to reduce friction and its solid core construction that fights vibration and unwanted noise, the X2 is designed for years of trouble-free operation.

_ Ultra high torque (4.5 kg?cm) direct drive motor
_ Full size 12? aluminum platter and slipmat
_ Numark spindle with vinyl interlock record for CD control (Patent Pending)
_ 12? vinyl record with spindle locking
_ ?6, 12, 25 and 100% pitch control (motor limited to -80% for vinyl) (DSP limited to +50% for MP3)
_ 33 and 45 RPM
_ Adjustable start and brake speeds
_ Forward/reverse toggle with Bleep (bleep cd only)
_ Fader/remote start and relay play functions (relay CD only)
_ User-upgradeable through Internet downloads

_ Line output
_ Detachable power and audio connections
_ Illuminated output bay

CD/MP3 Control:
_ Full MP3 capability, including anti-shock, scratching, looping and pitch control functions
_ Key lock at any tempo up to ?100%
_ Seamless looping
_ Built-in Beatkeeper? automatic beat calculation
_ 2 hot stutter starts
_ 3,000 cue point memory
_ Anti-Shock? buffer technology
_ Sleep mode

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robertvisser    posted on 01-02-2006 17:23
take it easy folks!!!! just a mistake....

@t DJ liberty: maybe the xt used the same tecnology as the cdx(using a final platter whith a time code insite).
the-melody    posted on 01-02-2006 17:24
maybe we shall see
_Ivan_    posted on 23-02-2006 14:01
Ik hou het bij vinyl alloewel dit is natuurlijk wel top apparatuur!Happy, laughing
MadSteven    posted on 23-02-2006 14:19

I just might buy one of these!

And that coming from a cd-jock...

(well, okay, I'll admit: I sometimes see some 12"s and think: damn, where can I get that on cd?)
robertvisser    posted on 23-02-2006 14:24
that's just the solution of numark!  nice cd player whith buld inn turntable( nice turn table whith buld inn cd payer)

  i'm also intressed what's the price of this concept from numark

JayK    posted on 23-02-2006 14:46
I think its the ideal solution for hiphop dj`s that want to work with cd and 12''
to scratch

does someone know the price of this thing?
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Twizz    posted on 17-05-2006 17:37
i seriously think to buy it, but does anyone know the price of this thing, I guess it will be round €1200,-, am i getting close?:S

and does anyone already used or tried this thing? please let me know your opinion.

BTW i'm not a hip-hopdj, butif i'm going to buy a 5000fx, i think this will fit perfectly in my set-up(5000 fx, 5 channels, and i have a double cd-player 2 turntables, so i have 1 channel left, and i don't want to choose between an extra turntable or a cd-player, so i seriously think about this:P)

Camino    posted on 17-05-2006 17:41
Poster: JayK
I think its the ideal solution for hiphop dj`s that want to work with cd and 12''
to scratch

hmm i strongly disagree... look at the positioning of the load-in slot.... you can't put your decks in battle position Winking my eye
Twizz    posted on 17-05-2006 17:46
you're right, i also have seen it, a bit unneccesary to put a second play/pause button on it.(for the hip-hoppers). And you start the cd-player with another button right, a littler one?(with the mark:  play/stutter)
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Twizz    posted on 18-05-2006 20:53
does anybody have more pic's than from side-angle, and does somebody know a review?

Twizz    posted on 20-05-2006 15:19
yes, finally I have pics of the x2!!

This is the source of the images
click on the photo's to enlarge it.

And if you want to see it in a movie(in action and with support) you could try
this one. You need Quicktime to watch it. You can also download it. Go to this site and right-mouse button on the link of the movie, with the name "Click here to download the full video(82MB)" by the part of
Volume 2 .2 - NAMM 06 Special (header name)
and choose option "save target as" or if you are a dutch person "doel opslaan als" 
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DJ_Inspiration    posted on 20-05-2006 15:23
Nice pics, but I don't think these players have a chance in the market.
In my opinion, the layout sucks. I'd rather have a CDX and a Turntable.
Twizz    posted on 20-05-2006 15:27
I've found a movie!!
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crow    posted on 22-10-2007 01:23
Hi all just passing threw,,new 2 this site,
i purchased a numark x2 last week   
700 uk pounds for 1 unit,from germany ,,,,,,,
i tryd over 20 uk based dj shops even spoke to numark uk direct,
WAS TOLD THIS UNIT IS AND WILL NEVER BE SOLD IN THE UK Confused they would not say why?

anyway folks got mine,and got to say its the best thing i have ever owned,im like a kid in a sweet shop,
it performs like a dream,i have allways been a 1210 loyal fan for over 10 years now,but this baby blown me away,the control you have over the platter record is unreal,you pop in a cdr and control it just like a 1210,i know its hard to belive but its true cant really find any faults yet apart from the pitch is not as solid as a 1210 ,its a bit flimsey   apart from that is bang on
im skratching like a mad un,you can pull off all the real hard drills rubs flares orbits-and it will never jump,no more paying out for needles ,,,,,,,

ive got a very large record collection and would never get rid of all my uk  oldskool and early DnB
i think we have all got to move with the times now,the digital age is here to stay,the X2 is just perfect tool for todays djs.

hope this helps you all a bit  Cry cheers  crow
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