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DJ_Inspiration    posted on 19-01-2006 15:57

x2 Hybrid Turntable
With 4.7kgf-cm of torque, Numark?s X2 benefits from the industry?s highest torque direct drive motor?providing the stability and durability professionals demand night after night. Featuring adjustable pitch control and support for both 33 and 45 RPM vinyl records, this exceptional turntable employs an ultra-precise aluminum tonearm with cue, height, and anti-skate adjustments, and accepts straight or S-shaped tonearms by means of its interchangeable tonearm system. With its 12-inch anti-drag aluminum platter designed specifically to reduce friction and its solid core construction that fights vibration and unwanted noise, the X2 is designed for years of trouble-free operation.

_ Ultra high torque (4.5 kg?cm) direct drive motor
_ Full size 12? aluminum platter and slipmat
_ Numark spindle with vinyl interlock record for CD control (Patent Pending)
_ 12? vinyl record with spindle locking
_ ?6, 12, 25 and 100% pitch control (motor limited to -80% for vinyl) (DSP limited to +50% for MP3)
_ 33 and 45 RPM
_ Adjustable start and brake speeds
_ Forward/reverse toggle with Bleep (bleep cd only)
_ Fader/remote start and relay play functions (relay CD only)
_ User-upgradeable through Internet downloads

_ Line output
_ Detachable power and audio connections
_ Illuminated output bay

CD/MP3 Control:
_ Full MP3 capability, including anti-shock, scratching, looping and pitch control functions
_ Key lock at any tempo up to ?100%
_ Seamless looping
_ Built-in Beatkeeper? automatic beat calculation
_ 2 hot stutter starts
_ 3,000 cue point memory
_ Anti-Shock? buffer technology
_ Sleep mode

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Lead    posted on 19-01-2006 16:00
Because of the english content I've moved it to the english language Forums.

Pretty interesting thing, allthough it raises a question : is it a CD player, a turntable or what ??

Can you please name a source of this information if it's quoted from a website ?
Let the BASS be louder
Ferry    posted on 19-01-2006 16:06 it's the X2 (the 2 is for a quadrant)
and check out the new hd hdx from numark!
80 gig REMOVABLE harddisk in it.... damn

[edit: HDX was posted allread oct 2005 HERE ]

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Lukaz    posted on 19-01-2006 17:19
hmm,, I don't think this product is gonna make it on the market.. it's just the fantasy of numark, maybe they could try it about 10 years again.. the dj's from now will keep there gear I think they will say: or vinyl or cd and sometimes toghether but not in one gear. (thats what I think and I agreeWinking my eye)
djmamo    posted on 19-01-2006 17:25
i dont know what to think of this player....

i think its cheaper to buy 2 of these dan 2 tt's en 2 cd players.

and i like the disigne nice gray... but if it could work? i dont know
Lukaz    posted on 19-01-2006 17:35
yeah shure it's cheaper than 2tt's and 2 cd players but the people where I'm telling about have enough money to buy 2tt's and 2cd playersHappy, laughing but no comment on the disign.. I love it Winking my eye
Jorrit    posted on 19-01-2006 17:39
Better looking then the gemini hybrid, definately.
But i don't know if the whole hybrid thing is a succes...

djmamo    posted on 19-01-2006 17:39
i dont know, Numark is really big in the usa.

and when many people buy this thing strange things can happen
ceesietopc    posted on 19-01-2006 20:16
I don't like CD/Vinyl combinations at all.
I think they are ehm.. Ugly

I like 1 cdj1000mk2 and 1 Synq xtrm much more
OR an DN-S3500 and an Akyama of course

-exuse me- -bad english-

Camino    posted on 19-01-2006 20:38
I dont think that these hybrids are intuitive enough to ever hit it off in the clubs. If you look at the history of products that have done well in the club scene (1200's, CDJ1000's, DJM600, all the Dateq's), its that they all have quite a simple layout and you could figure out in under a minute how everything works. But, this might be a solution for the DJ's at home who have very little space for their gear. I must agree, though, that the design is very sexy; numark keeps on getting better and better in that aspect. The thing that might kill this mixer, i think, is its slot. It's designed in such a way that it renders it impossible to position your TT's in battle stance. And i think that if any group of users would benefit from these hybrid's, it would be the turntablists (and then mainly the hobyists i think); the total control of a turntable combined with the benefits of CD.
TheSupercrab    posted on 19-01-2006 20:59
What i think these hybrids miss is that you can not use both the Vinyl mode and CD mode at the same time..Thus it is still creativly much better to have a seperate CD player and TT as you can mix both sources together (ie use 1 cd player and a TT for ur mix and use your other Cd player for some samples). If they could make both modes useable at the same time Some how it would be a good machine.. Think its very hard to make duel mode useable however did Denon not do something like this on their dns-5000? A and B mode?
HouseArrest    posted on 20-01-2006 15:48
It's a Beaty! Does anyone know what this tt/cd player is going to cost? €€ 
Steev    posted on 20-01-2006 16:08
Its a nice thing, but i stay with my vinyl only. I think that it is very difficult to use it, a manual of 500 pages? :p
djmamo    posted on 20-01-2006 16:31
a normal dvd player got a manual of 500 pages, that aint much.

most of the manual goes about how to install and how to handel and what you dont may do
VanAise    posted on 01-02-2006 12:53
you have to take you hat off to numark.

fuck they have some creative people.
robertvisser    posted on 01-02-2006 13:30
nog zo'n fantastisch concept van die gasten:

With a compact, tabletop form factor that fits anywhere, the VJ01 enables DJs to incorporate rich multimedia as part of their performances.
With a front loading disc tray and the ability to play DVDs, MP3 discs, and standard CDs, the VJ01 enables DJs to play a vast library of content, and its interface, based upon Numark’s CD players, makes operation a snap. Featuring a TFT LCD display, the new VJ01 also makes it easy to monitor one’s visual content and is the perfect tool for club and mobile DJs searching for a video solution.

The VJ01 provides a wealth of knobs, buttons and sliders to facilitate fast, intuitive operation—enabling DJs to easily set cue points, adjust tempo, looping, and other playback functions. With pitch bend buttons and a pitch slider, the VJ01 makes it a breeze to control pitch—for audio and video. Similarly this versatile unit provides a full set of soft touch rubber transport controls as well as dedicated navigation buttons for rapid access to the unit’s operating parameters. There are also display function buttons for working with visual content, and dedicated playback function buttons that facilitate fast, effortless control during performance.

With Numark’s VJ01, DJs will no longer have to focus elsewhere to monitor their visuals and risk being distracted from keeping the music flowing. The new VJ01’s integrated 5.6-inch LCD TFT tilt screen display enables the operator to know exactly what visuals are being displayed. The VJ01 provides full DVD menu control, supports all standard DVD features, and includes non-seamless looping for repeating video clips. The VJ01 effects arsenal includes zoom, angle, slow motion, and pitch. PAL and NTSC compatible, the unit provides S-Video and RCA composite video outputs for connection to external display equipment. Audio outputs include stereo RCA and S/PDIF.

Numark’s VJ01 plays a wealth of disc formats. Video formats include DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, VCD, and SVCD. Supported audio formats include CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3DVD, and MP3CD.

hier ook de nieuwe videomixer van numark avm02(opvolger voor de avm01)
sorry voor de kwaliteit,heb hem geript vanaf een pdf met paint en dan opslaan als jpeg....

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TheSupercrab    posted on 01-02-2006 14:00
Nice looking machine, I think if the price is not to high (maybe half of DJV) it will do very well. Looks easy to use. U may argue that it has no jogwheel. But as your self is a johwheel really required for visual mixing. So you could use that for just visual mixing, however if u have audio DVDs it will be annoying.
robertvisser    posted on 01-02-2006 14:25
wow!!!  sorry mensen ben nu eenmaal geen expert met foto's editen.
maar wilde gewoon ff deze recente info met jullie delen.

kwam de vj01 tegen op een amerikaanse site voor 795 dollar en dat is omgerekend 656.91 als ik me niet vergis.

best betaalbaar als dat werkelijk de prijs is.
the-melody    posted on 01-02-2006 16:49
wat speelt dit nu af vinyl of cd, want anders is het ene rare cd speler
Jorrit    posted on 01-02-2006 17:01
Please keep your eyes open: you are posting in an english part of the forum, so speak english for our english members.

robertvisser    posted on 01-02-2006 17:05
the answere off your Questions:  dv01 play's CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3DVD, and MP3CD

the answere of your second question: the x2 play's also cd,cd-r,cd-rw, and mp3cd
but also play's vinyl

you also can scratch whith your cd, but how? i actually don't know.
maybe DJ_Inspiration can tell us more obout that option
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robertvisser    posted on 01-02-2006 17:06
ok jorrit, sorry just translate my posts richt now

the-melody    posted on 01-02-2006 17:07
on the picture i see a cd and a vinyl with needle sow my question is played it vinyl and cd?

edit: ow is this photo editing?
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Jorrit    posted on 01-02-2006 17:08
Yes, that' s the reason its called Hybrid!

No it isnt photoshopped, its 2 players in one! Winking my eye
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Lead    posted on 01-02-2006 17:11

This is an English spoken forum and topic. Make sure you answer in the language in which the forum topic has been opened. We have about 60% non-dutch speaking visitors each day and they might find this dutch not easy to understand.

If conversation in dutch is wanted, open another topic about this product in the Dutch DJ-Gear forum. Postings in a language that do not belong in a certain forum might be deleted.

2 RobertBisser/Liberty : this deck plays CD (audo or MP3), DVD with MP3 and vinyl. How the scratching works, I'm very curious but since these products haven't been seen in Europe yet I doubt if anybody can give good comments about that.

Let the BASS be louder
the-melody    posted on 01-02-2006 17:17
ow thanks lead
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