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OrcaUK    posted on 24-10-2011 16:54
Hi! I've been using my CDJ 1000 MK3s for the past 3 years now, after selling my old Stanton turntables and saving up for a long time to buy them. As much as I like the convenience of CDJs I really want to get back onto Vinyl, as I much prefer the sound and feel. However, I don't have enough money to justify getting both. Recently I have been quite tempted to sell my CDJs and buy a pair of 1210 MK 5s, with the reasoning being that I can play my vinyl AND still have the option of digital with the aid of Serato if I need to for whatever reason. I really am stuck on what to do though, just looking for some feedback that may help push me in one direction!


What do you think about Switch back to Vinyl? ??

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Henri_D    posted on 24-10-2011 17:19
Welcome to the site OrcaUK, (we do like if new members introduce themselves on the forum Winking my eye if you have some time).

First thing that comes to mind when reading your question is, why don't you go for some OEM turntables? They will cost you way less than the technics. You won't have the legendary name and brand Winking my eye but they will work great and get you?mixing vinyl again. Torque is equal or greater then the technics, more features (line-out) and pretty good build quality.?

some names to consider:
Stanton ST/STR8-150
American Audio HTD 4.5
Citronic PD-45/45mk2
Synq XTRM1
Akiyama Acura DJ-4000
Reloop RP6000MK5
Ominitronic DD5250
Kam DDX5000
Koolsound TDJ-04
OrcaUK    posted on 24-10-2011 17:31
Hi. Thanks for your reply. I had considered OEM turntables but I was just concerned about build quality more than anything else, as in my experience you do get what you pay for. I will definitely check out some of the models you suggested. I need to get to a DJ store so that I can have a proper look at my options, rather than just pictures and specs on the net!
Henri_D    posted on 24-10-2011 17:36
Well the OEM turntabels haven't been around for that long so you won't find anyone telling they'll last for 20-30 years like the technics do. But i have the synq xtrm1 myself and haven't found anything wrong with it. If you'll take care of your gear, it will work fine for long long time. Just go to a shop and test the feel. Go in with a open mind, they won't be the same, but just real good turntables in their own way.

With panasonic stopping the production of technics, the price just keeps going up... you could buy three super OEMS for the price of a single MK5

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Estacy    posted on 24-10-2011 19:28
if you go for turntables, get either Super OEMS like mentioned above, or Technics Mk2's instead of mk5s. itll save you a lot of cash, Ive seen Technics MK2s in decent state go for 300-500 pounds a pair, compared to above 800 for the MK5s.?
Do keep in mind that you might need new needles and of course vinyl. DVS's work with every turntable, so thats not a problem.
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OrcaUK    posted on 25-10-2011 17:04
Cheers for the feedback guys. I've decided to sell just one of my CDJ's and buy a pair of 1210 MK2's. I think that is my best bet for the moment! That way I get a brand which I'm familiar with and don't have to fully give up on CDs. Best of both worlds!?Cool
Aziaat    posted on 25-10-2011 17:18
That would be a nice deal Winking my eye good luck with finding a decent pair!
I have a pair of 1200mk2's myself and came from a digital world of dj'ing (traktor S4). Just love it!
On the road i often use cdj's but it's never the same as vinyl (even with dvs).

horsefeather    posted on 27-10-2011 00:01
i have reloop RP 2000 and they work good for me, althought i only mix for only 5 months now but i wanne change to Technics, if you already got expierence with turntables i would take technics or OEM they look pretty sick.
bambamstudio    posted on 27-10-2011 00:15
Switch back to Vinyl? Good idea!!! Winking my eye

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