cdj 1000 mk2 upgrade to mp3
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gondolez    posted on 24-08-2011 20:56
basicly is it safe to upgrade the software to play mp3s?


What do you think about cdj 1000 mk2 upgrade to mp3 ??

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Laidback    posted on 24-08-2011 21:04
1 member likes this  No, not possible, not firmware related... Happy, laughing

that is why pioneer brought out the MK3 model Winking my eye ..
gondolez    posted on 25-08-2011 16:58
Thanks - i have heard there are upgrades available though - software upgrades but can only find one related to the mk3 - do you know if there is any software upgrade of any kind for the mk2 or does the mk3 update work also!>?

Dolivieira    posted on 25-08-2011 17:05
What you hear you can not always believe. There is no way you can upgrade a CDJ1000MK2 to read MP3 files.
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djcanta    posted on 26-08-2011 09:04
get Traktor Scratch Duo and use time-code Happy, laughing
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Lead    posted on 29-08-2011 10:28
1 member likes this  There is no reason for you to keep on searching, MK2 will never play MP3s.

If you would like to play MP3 you need to have al least CDJ-1000MK3 but preferably one of the new generation players like CDJ-850, CDJ-900 or CDJ2000...
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DonBasco    posted on 29-08-2011 10:58
@Lead: spam haha
gondolez    posted on 30-08-2011 13:59
Cheers guys for the help!

i have traktor already and cannot afford a new set of decks haha!

if any one has a gerenal update ( not for mp3 purpose) i would still like to install it to try and boost performance etc so any comments on that would be great thanks!


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