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W.i.M    posted on 06-03-2011 18:19
This is the place on our website where you can place the product review of your choice. Offcourse you have your own opinion about any DJ product and if you want to share it make a posting in this forum.

So if you recently got your hand on a DJ product and want to share your thoughts this is a good way of promoting equipment or warn other people for certain features that might work better or worse than you've suspected. Don't use this forum to flame on a product and always give good argumentation for your opinion. Everybody can say that something is good or not good, but always tell why it's good or bad.
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kristina    posted on 09-05-2013 07:13
Hi everyone! Does anybody know what's the best and cheapest DJ console? I'm planning to buy one and I'm thinking of DJJ...Any reviews on DJJ? Also I'm thinking of signing up to DJ music pools...any suggestions?
Tekhead    posted on 09-05-2013 23:48
Hi Kristina,

Welcome @ DJResource and enjoy your stay here, but first, introduce yourself @ DJR, like everybody have to do, thanks.

1- U ask for the best and Cheapest console and you are planning to buy a DJJ-... ? Who is the manufacturer and the full name of the type you're intrested in??

2- to give you some good advice we need more information, and the most important is your budget, how much is your budget, is it for use @ home or for professional use, the software you wanna use or maybe have, etc... ?

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