CDX Pitch Control
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Nebula    posted on 30-12-2005 23:55
Hi, sorry about the frequent topic posts. Has anyone else got a pair or experiemented with a pair of CDX's ? Im having a lot of trouble with the pitch and overall sensitivty, as a beginner im finding it really tough, Cheers
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Lead    posted on 30-12-2005 23:58
What exactly is happening and why do you think this should not happen ?

Please describe the problem more detailed.
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Nebula    posted on 31-12-2005 00:00
ive just read that the pitch control and overall deck control is very loose and sensitive. im struggling to keep a beat, it keeps drifting off, it barely holds for twenty seconds. just wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar problem
Nebula    posted on 31-12-2005 00:14
how can i check if its a mechanical problem or whether its me being new a dj'ing ? i know that its the first problem many people have but im now getting paranoid its a mechnical failure.
Prozei    posted on 31-12-2005 00:32
it's hard to be a dj.
if the track stay at the same speed there is no mechanical failure.

if you are beatmatching and 1 track is 1% faster then the other 1 after 32 beats you will hear a double beat(upbeat)
that is what you have 2 learn. 2 get the records @ the same speed
and takes a lot of time
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Lead    posted on 31-12-2005 01:18
To check mechanical failure :

Put both decks at +2% and start them both at the same time, you might need to bend them for an exact match.

They should stay on-beat for a long time. If it need's a 1/10th correction, it's within limits. When it dances around -> You've got a failure.

It can last up to a year to learn how to beatmatch. It's all a matter of practice Winking my eye
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