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Nebula    posted on 29-12-2005 14:35
Does anyone know of any good online guides to help learn the basics of DJ'ing ? Cheers
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Lead    posted on 29-12-2005 15:25
Count to 4, in clusters of 4.

That's the real basics Winking my eye

Let the BASS be louder
Nvie    posted on 29-12-2005 15:30
have a look @ recess
Reemz    posted on 29-12-2005 15:56
Take a look at this website --> Here you can find a lot of tutorials in English.
DjCheng    posted on 29-12-2005 16:36
or the tutorials of -->
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Nebula    posted on 30-12-2005 19:07
Cheers guys, ive had a "Hercules" DJ console for ages, which is basically a newbies guide to mixing so i had a little spare cash and found a steal on some used Numark CDX's and a Stanton Sa8 mixer. Nice equipment just need some tips, any help is well appreciated.
Prozei    posted on 30-12-2005 19:55
i think you can get some handy tips from a tutorial but after a tutorial you still can't mix,it needs a lot of practise. you need to get some feeling for it.
first start to learn t get the records @ the same speed.
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Nebula    posted on 30-12-2005 21:44
any tips on getting records to the same speed ? im struggling at the moment, though i am on day one of my learning curve, i can just about synch two records with the same beat but its still not perfect
Nebula    posted on 30-12-2005 22:49
are there any bpm lists out there ? or anyway to check an mp3s official bpm ?
DjCheng    posted on 31-12-2005 15:10
You shouldn't mix when you know all your record's BPM, you have to do it with your 'feeling'. Because otherwise, perhaps later when you have new records and a mixer without a bpm counter you'll get stuck ...
eAs    posted on 31-12-2005 15:17
Listen to what you are playnig .. the main instruction to this (I think) is to pratice practice PRACTICE .
Don't rely on you BPM Counter .. if you want to rely on it .. try the Reloop RMX-30BPM .. A friend of mine has one and we mix with it verry often .. but remember this is just a helping hand .. listen to the first beat set the next beat in one line with the first and just play with the pitch .. keep aligning the beats until you got it right ..

Good luck 
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Nebula    posted on 31-12-2005 16:30
yeah no thats understandable, i guess i'll just keep practicing away. does anyone have and good tunes to suggest for a beginner ? i prefferably like house music but anything really thats a pretty simple start to mixing. cheers guys
DjCheng    posted on 31-12-2005 16:59
Just pick some records that aren't too complicated
Nebula    posted on 01-01-2006 16:55
im struggling at the moment with the cd decks, not sure if i'd be better of with vinyls. just thinking, but i just keep drifting out of sync all the time. even when i know the bpm of the tracks by either analysing the mp3 or through the cdx im always drifting. i know this is a common problem, just practice i guess. are vinyl decks any easier ?
eAs    posted on 02-01-2006 16:33
I don't think it is easier .. it is something else ........
I prefer vinyl but on the other hand a cd player has some nice gadgets on it ..

Do what you think is best for you .. Try both

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