Best Way To Create Cd's For CDJ's
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Nebula    posted on 28-12-2005 23:25
What is the best way to burn Cd's for CDj Decks, mp3 or audio format ? what speed ? through nero ? track by track or whole disc at once in burn options, just intrigued to see other peoples opinions, as im having a few troubles with my Numark cdx's, cheers
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Nebula    posted on 29-12-2005 00:52
Hi sorry guess the topics a little vague, basically what techniques and programs do other Cdj or more prefferably other Numark CDX owners use. Im finding a large amount of burnt cd's not working. Cheers
Lead    posted on 29-12-2005 01:02
I use Nero and have no problems at all.

Burn the tracks as an Audio Disc

Always buy good quality discs, not the cheapest ones Winking my eye (I prefer TDK and Matsui)

Burn at a low speed, preferably 4x or 8x. This will take a little bit longer, but most of the time solves the issue... also on other DJ CD players.

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Prozei    posted on 29-12-2005 01:06
buy some diffrent cdr's burn some home.
and let friends burn some.
now u can see where the problem is.
maby you have a burner problem ,software problem or problems with your cdx.
i think you have to test it yourself.
Basrose    posted on 29-12-2005 01:57
cheap cds wil kill your player
Nebula    posted on 29-12-2005 12:36
im using Verbatim CD's which we're quite costly, they say on them compatible between 8x and 12x burning and i was going on the advice of a 4x speed burn which did seem to work, but that could of been causing the problems. Audio CD's sound like the best idea so ill stick to that, is it possible to tag the audio tracks so the CDX can read tracks ? like it can read .mp3 files ? Cheers guys for the help.
Illusion    posted on 29-12-2005 12:45
Poster: Lead
I use Nero and have no problems at all.

Always buy good quality discs, not the cheapest ones Winking my eye (I prefer TDK and Matsui)


i agree,
And Nero is a very good program for burning CD's, I prefer TDK, but also MAXELL cd's. I've never had Matsui cd's.
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Nebula    posted on 29-12-2005 12:47
is it possible to tag the audio tracks on an AUDIO CD so the "Numark CDX" can read tracks ?
Futeki    posted on 17-02-2006 00:23
Try also to check what brand of cd's the cd burner manufacturor recommend... It can differ alot from brand to brand how many errors your cd burner will make. Always use slowest possible speed.
Winston    posted on 17-02-2006 01:11
Poster: Nebula
is it possible to tag the audio tracks on an AUDIO CD so the "Numark CDX" can read tracks ?

I'm not realy sure, but I think this isn't possible. Mp3 works in a different way than audio CD's. The CDJ-1000MKII can read track titles, which are tagged in a different way then mp3's. In your CDX manual you can read if the CDX has this feature.

I use Nero burning rom, TDK and now more often Verbatim Vinyl CD's (heh heh), burn at 8x. Back up copies of original CD's with 'disc-2-disc' option, and music downloads, with option 'audio cd' in one session. No problemo. Those discs were used on several players like the Numark Axis-9, another dual player of Numark, Denon DN-S 3000, and my own Sony and Panasonic stereo (family of Technics) and Stanton dj cd players.

I've read somewhere that you shouldn't burn too fast nor too slow. Too fast and it's obvious that data will be skipped, too slow, a little less obvious, but the layer will be burned too much resulting in poor or unreadible data. I'll try to find the article, but it seems I have deleted it. The lower limit of the recommended speed of the CD manufacturer is probably the best for audio applications.

Tic Toc
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teddyaakre    posted on 04-04-2006 00:37
My friend uses Itunes burner.. It works fine with his cdj's.. But "I" personally have no experience with burning mp3 discs

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