DJM-400 vs DJM-350
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AndrewFuse    posted on 07-07-2010 17:39
Hey mates. I want to buy a new mixer, but can't decide which is better DJM-400 or DJM-350. Please help Happy, laughing Mixer will be used only for bedroom mixing. At this moment a have DJM-300?Cool
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What do you think about DJM-400 vs DJM-350 ??

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tek-zotic    posted on 07-07-2010 18:10
reloop IQ2+ :D more for you money :D
if you realy want one of the 2 DJM's it depends on you previliges
if you want it for the effects i say take the 400
if you want to record directly i say take the 350
Estacy    posted on 07-07-2010 19:09
I'd definitely choose the DJM 400 over the 350, because of the sampler/roll function on the 400, as well as the fact that it has more effects and you can control them in a better way. the 350 only has 4 effects that you can only use on the master out. the 350 nor 400 have XLR outputs, so be aware of that if you use monitors or PA amps.?
There are however many alternatives that offer not only better quality, but also a better price. The Ecler Nuo 2.0 is a good example, it has an extremely high build quality, it lacks effects though. but because of the price ( 380, compared to the DJM 400 which costs 550) a seperate effects unit can be bought. So I'd go for something else, but if you still want a DJM 400 or 350 (which I understand, they're great fun) go for the 400.
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Roalin    posted on 07-07-2010 19:47
Poster: AndrewFuse
At this moment?I have DJM-300.
When you've got 300, why should you upgrade to one of these? They are all 2-channel mixers and they are all quite similiar to eachotter.
So I think you'll need to look at a different mixer, like the Reloop iQ2 or A&H Xone:22.
AndrewFuse    posted on 07-07-2010 21:50
my budget is limited thats why i prefer 2 channel mixer and i don't need 4ch. Why DJM?, because i trust to Pioneer. And mixing on djm300 i'm get bored without effects. Thats why i want new mixer with effects Happy, laughing
TH3llC    posted on 07-07-2010 22:07
then its easy.. go for the djm-400 more effects than the djm-350..
if you want to record, go for the 350..

ps; first use search! this is the second djm-400 - djm-350 topic
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AndrewFuse    posted on 07-07-2010 22:11
Ok, big thx Happy, laughing For recording i have pc and soundcard Happy, laughing Sry for 2nd topic Unhappy
TH3llC    posted on 08-07-2010 17:04
i think the djm-400 is the best option for youCool
W.i.M    posted on 08-01-2011 15:40
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