TRAKTOR DJ Studio 3 featuring 4 decks
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SonicWalker    posted on 22-09-2005 00:13
from the Native Instruments website:

Native Instruments proudly presents TRAKTOR DJ Studio 3 - the next generation of professional DJ software! The largest technological leap forward since TRAKTOR?s introduction, version 3 brings with it numerous innovations for DJing at clubs and parties. Some of the most thrilling new features are the expansion from 2 to 4 playback decks and an emulation of the new, much sought-after Allen & Heath Xone:92? 4-channel club mixer. Five professional, tempo-synced effects and an even easier operation will see you mixing hypnotic DJ sets. The integrated access to the Beatport Online Music Store, the world's leading internet dance music specialist, means you'll always have just the right track to hand. The new version is set to rock the clubs as of November.

All new features:


  • 4 fully-featured playback decks available including an optional 2 deck mode
  • 6 Hot Cues & 6 Beat Jump buttons per track
  • Independent editing of loop start & loop end
  • Extended control panels for looping and cueing functions
  • Improved tempo editing and Beat Grid editing panels


  • Perfectly emulated Allen&Heath Xone:92? 4-channel club mixer, including its adjustable cross-fader curve, cross-fader assignable filters, high-end EQs and 'Cue logic' toggling automatically between decks
  • Each channel assignable to crossfader
  • 1 insert effect per channel & 1 master effect
  • Internal effects usable in combination with external DJ Mixer
  • Recording of TRAKTOR master signal or of any of the soundcard inputs
  • Exchangeable EQ section featuring additional outstanding emulations of the Ecler Nuo4? and an industry-standard club mixer
  • Optional live audio input on each channel
  • Post and pre-EQ monitoring
  • Pre-listening of effects on each channel & master
  • Individually controllable and limited master, monitor, booth and recording outputs


  • Professional tempo-synced effects created by NI's leading sound designers:
  • Delay featuring: Time, Freeze, Centre, Width
  • Reverb featuring: Mutable Input, Modulation, Impulse
  • Flanger featuring: Speed, Centre, Depth, Impulse
  • Beatmasher Inverter to radically edit beats
  • LFO assignable filters

Beatport Integration

  • Integrated access to from within the TRAKTOR browser
  • Pre-listening Beatport content with TRAKTOR's internal Preview Player
  • Download manager for multiple downloads
  • Access to all other Beatport functions via integrated web browser functionality

Versatile Master Clock Concept

  • Central master clock with pitch & pitch bend controls
  • Master clock can be tapped and subsequently fine tuned to synchronize to analog audio sources
  • Universal master concept allowing each deck to be the master
  • Slave function submits a deck to tempo variations controlled by the master
  • Synchronization of tempo & phase or of phase only
  • Audible Master Tick for fine tuning cue points and the beat grid via headphones

Browser / Track Database

  • New search feature 'Search by category': Type a phrase, than select where to search (album, artists, label etc.)
  • 'Show All' buttons in most list fields allows to find all tracks sharing the same Artist, Label, BPM etc.
  • Undo functionality returning to view before the last search command
  • Shows number of contained tracks beneath folder names in tree window
  • Categories in the list window can be sorted by drag & drop and hidden via context menu
  • Sorting by icon column allows swapping of playlists
  • Task bar with 10 targets can be used for sorting tracks into playlists or as always visible shortcuts to any target in the browser tree
  • Time stamped collection backups for increased data security

User Interface

  • Resizable GUI adapts to all screen layouts and screen resolutions
  • 10 user definable screensets controllable via keyboard
  • Mixer controls can be individually hidden allowing more space for the waveform displays
  • Decks can be minimized allowing an extended browser view
  • Function blocks in the Details Section can be freely arranged on four pages
  • The progress bar in the bottom right corner informs you of processes running in the background.
  • General workflow improvements for nearly all relevant function groups


  • Background analysis of tracks. Higher priority for tracks loaded into the decks.
  • A progress bar shows the degree of completion of tasks running in the background
  • The software can be used without interruption while dialog boxes are open (modal dialogs)
  • A Message Window provides information about running processes without interrupting control of the software
  • The Message Window also displays useful tool tips for the function currently being used

Advanced Mouse Control

  • Mouse over highlights for all GUI elements
  • Each knob and fader has incremental zones (+/-) with adjustable step size and mouse scroll wheel support.
  • Two mouse-button support for incrementing and decrementing on the same area/part of a knob
  • Knobs and faders can be momentarily decoupled from their parameter via right click, for triggering sweeps of pre-selected amounts -> select a value without audible changes, then activate new value
  • Use tempo-quantized jumps to browse through the track overview stripe without drifting out of time (numerically displayed in bars) -> Move the mouse in the waveform to jump forward or backward without losing the groove
  • When hovering over the waveform the mouse pointer snaps to full beats and cue points.
  • The zoom factor of the waveform is controllable with the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Mouse scratch transmission scales with the selected zoom factor
  • Stutter Mode repeats the clicked position of the song, dragging the mouse allows to fine tune the position of the loop, releasing the mouse sets a cue point.
  • In addition to pitch bending, beat offsets can be corrected by adjusting the phase between the beats with a slider

MIDI / Hotkey Setup

  • Restructured MIDI / Hotkey setup dialog hiding non-assigned functions for better overview
  • Comprehensively structured pop-up menus for navigating the available functions
  • Duplicate function allows to clone assignments
  • Supports more than one MIDI device
  • Supports more than one controller per function
  • Supports more than one function per controller
  • Remote controllable MIDI pages allow assigning a single device to different channels/decks or can be used to implement a set of different functions for a specific subset of buttons or knobs
  • The size of increments can be customized for individual, incremental control

FinalScratch 2 Compatibility

  • Switching panel for quickly assigning timecode control to any of the 4 decks
  • Always visible Timecode Monitor panel for instant problem diagnosis

more information

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What do you think about TRAKTOR DJ Studio 3 featuring 4 decks ??

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Gery    posted on 22-09-2005 00:20
WOW *drools*

Moet ik gewoon hebben
DJ - Producer
Gery    posted on 22-09-2005 00:29
hm, de layout is like totaal anders... never change a winning teamConfused

Ik hoop dat er ook de mogelijk in zit om de goeie ouwe vertrouwde layout te gebruiken. Niks tegen de xone92, maar waarom in hemelsnaam in traktor emuleren? WOW

anyway, die 4 decks is wel massas zalug, 2 plaatjes, vocaaltje :p
DJ - Producer
SonicWalker    posted on 22-09-2005 00:35
I also think it sounds great. I have not been so happy with 2.6. Hope this new version is more stable than the current version, although I guess one has to wait until 3.2 or so, knowing Native Instruments.
Am glad they worked on the user interface. Wonder if it support more than one monitor now, which would really be nice. Would be cool to have the mixer and 4 desks on one monitor and the browser on the 2nd one.
Dav3    posted on 22-09-2005 08:09
Hmm, ben benieuwd maar software kan het NOG niet winnen van hardware (tot nu toe, misschien verandert dit wel iets)
Dj_Danny    posted on 22-09-2005 10:56
Als ze er nou ook eens een controler bij hadden...
SonicWalker    posted on 22-09-2005 12:21

Those 4 buttons in the front make sense, don't they?

Also the xone:3d supports 6 stereo channels via USB and has 4 channels in the mixer section. So 4 traktor desks + headphone shouldn't be a problem.

The people who have been involved in the developlent and beta-testing of the xone:3d are all known to be Traktor (and Live) users. It seems to be the perfect combination of hard- & software.

Dj_Danny    posted on 22-09-2005 16:30
Yeah the make sence!

But actually I meant an external controller, not a controller in a mixer
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SonicWalker    posted on 22-09-2005 16:53
It's a controller with a mixer (and a sound interface!) Happy, laughing

Well, as you probably know, there is not that much choice. The Hercules toy (but also toys can be fun), the cheapy-deapy stuff from the B company and some special midi controlers like the Kontrol Dj or the cool Mawzer modular MIDI controller.

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Gery    posted on 23-09-2005 01:46
"The B company" :rofl:
DJ - Producer
Ramon72    posted on 22-12-2005 11:37
Ok, I had to get used to the new "look and feel" of 3.0, but I must say after a while it works fine for me. Even though I don't think the upgrade is really value for money. The 4 decks IMO can be fun, but I don't think I'll use it a lot. Same goes for the effects: "nice", but nothing more than that. The things I do like are the Beat Jump feature and the looping features. Handy and useful!

One thing I don't like is some of mixing features that they left out. 2.6 had some simple features like a gain button to boost up the volme for a moment or a mute botton to get some transformer effects. Somehow I got really used to those kind of feaures.

For those of you who want to upgrade.... Hmmmm don't if 2.6 works fine for you.

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Kiwi    posted on 26-12-2005 10:33
I still have to check T3 with FS2.0, but i didn't find the time for it yet.

User edit by Kiwi on 26-12-2005 @ 10:35:28 (69%)

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