vestax cdx-05 vs Pioneer cdj 200
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mlaoslab    posted on 18-02-2009 22:32
which one is better??and which one is more reliable??please answer because i want to buy a pair...

Estacy    posted on 19-02-2009 16:46
I think Pioneer has proven to be more reliable, they are used by many DJ's worldwide, and I think the CDJ-200 isn't a bad choice. The vestax has more features like Scratch and some more effects, but I don't know if it's just as reliable, for a drive inn, buy CDJ-200.
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Mixt-Ape    posted on 19-02-2009 18:51
I however have heard many good comments on the Vestax. It's a decent CD-player from a good brand (Vestax= high quality). I don't think you can go wrong with either one of these players. I must also say that I have personally only used Pioneer CDJ's so far, and the build quality is excellent as well.
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Chili    posted on 19-02-2009 19:43
Based on my experience with the Pioneer CDJ-400 and Vestax mixer PMC-280, I would say go for the Pioneer. Their CD-players are used in every club around the world, and not without a reason. Vestax builds good stuff, but I think Pioneer's CD-players are just a tad better.. 
If the CDJ-400's are within the range of your budget, I'd definitely have a look at those as well, they're very good players for home use, i.m.o. better than the CDJ-200's (more features and the controls are more like the CDJ-1000's, the worlds club standard).
Boyd    posted on 19-02-2009 19:50
My opinion is that vestax need to build Mixers, and MIDI-controllers. Let Pioneer handle the CDJ-stuff. I would choose the pioneer, beqause of the build and bomb-proof quality. Also the cdj200 reacts more like the cdj1000mk3 which is the worldwide club standard.
mlaoslab    posted on 20-02-2009 13:28
Coolthnx for your opinion...
Tekhead    posted on 01-03-2009 00:51
Vestax  is gear that used the most by HipHop dj's, buth the CDX-O5 is topgear, also 100% beatmatching. Vestax is Pro-topgear
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JaY_oNe    posted on 15-08-2010 22:58
had a question can you use serato scratch on the cdj200Confused??
Mixt-Ape    posted on 15-08-2010 23:00
Yeah, you can.
T-to-the-J    posted on 16-08-2010 08:19
But you need the rane soundcard as well
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W.i.M    posted on 08-01-2011 15:39
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