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steve-wilson    posted on 26-11-2008 21:10
Iv recently discovered that FL Studio doesnt work for Mac OSX is there a similar program that does? n what are they like?

What do you think about FL studio ect ??

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DeteqBoy    posted on 26-11-2008 21:13
You can try cubase, there is a mac version for that program. Its different from FL though, maybe you should watch some youtube movies about it to get an idea. Happy, laughing
steve-wilson    posted on 26-11-2008 21:34
i quite like the part n FL where it has lke a bar that you can use to position drum beats and hi hats and then edit them wth the piano roll.. if there a product ith similar function

and  think i'l check out cubase now
christiano    posted on 26-11-2008 22:14
you can instal windows on your mac :P
and run on windows fl studioHappy, laughing
steve-wilson    posted on 26-11-2008 22:33
mac osx till the end :P
Ferry    posted on 27-11-2008 13:41
MAC users normaly use Logic.
The're diffrent types of Logic.
Check out the Apple store for more info!

steve-wilson    posted on 27-11-2008 19:43
i'll check out logic.. does anyone know anything about Pro Tools?
SPYDA    posted on 27-11-2008 19:52
try Ableton Live...
steve-wilson    posted on 27-11-2008 20:49
yeah i like ableton but for mixing.. producing on it doesnt seem as easy.. was wanting someting a little similar to FL
jannickv    posted on 27-11-2008 20:58
Poster: steve-wilson
i'll check out logic.. does anyone know anything about Pro Tools?

verry expensive hardware needed...
Xtremer    posted on 27-11-2008 21:07
Logic is just perfect for on a Mac! Logic is almost the same as Cubase, but as the name said, it's logicHappy, laughing.
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steve-wilson    posted on 27-11-2008 21:17
i've been lookng at logic and theres someone on ebay selling Logic Pro 8 for £175 (about €208) so I may invest in that. Would i be able to pick it up relativly easy? like i'll probably buy a book to aid me ike I do for alot of things but i take it its fairly easy?
Ferry    posted on 01-12-2008 15:04
The sound engine of logic is better than Fruity, the box version of Logic Studio is about €400,- , fruity around € 280,-. For just 120 extra you can create a proffessional sound. I use Fruity for 4 yyears now, and i have the fruity syndrome, nice ideas, sounds crappy.
In a short while I'll be using Cubase for mastering my tracks.

With a book you can't create songs in 1 day, this might take some time.
Books and forums can give you good basic information, but making tracks also depends on your own creativity and some dirty tricks you won't read in a book. Thumbs Up

See logic as a car, it is a very nice basic thing, but you want airco, cruise control and all the other extra's.
This all wil cost you some extra money, depending on what you want. But remember, cheap OR very expensive aren't always the answer to your problems.

That is another problem, because what kind of instruments give the sound you are looking for, also depending on the kind of music you want to create.

good luck!
Jorrit    posted on 01-12-2008 15:20
I use Fruity for 4 yyears now, and i have the fruity syndrome, nice ideas, sounds crappy.
Listen to Laidback Luke's Great Fashionista Swindle remix and try to make that statement again? Winking my eye
Marrabas    posted on 10-12-2008 16:20
you can use ableton... it's an excellent software to edit & create your own music
Tizio    posted on 10-12-2008 18:54
I've seen a video of Steve Angello using Logic with vst synths and a midi keyboard. With such ease! I´d like that very much and would prefer it to FL.. And by the way, you can install os x on you pc! http://dailyapps.net/2008/03/hack-attack-dual-boot-leopard-and-windows-vista/
But anyway, i'd really think you can be far more creative with Logic or Cubase than with FL..

Edit: When i was just browsing the apple store, i noticed a program VMware Fusion 2, you can run all your Windows programs with it on you Mac!
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