2Channel Mixer-recomandations
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IulianE    posted on 19-11-2008 22:08

Can you recommand me a proper 2 channel mixer(without FX)....I'm looking for good faders,good musical EQ,and good sound quality...and all for about 200Euros
I was looking for this reloop
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this stanton
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this vestax
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i have this gemini mixer and it's rubbish.The faders curve is too fast from 75to100%,the eq doesn't work until 9 o clock,and the sound quality is poor after 50%
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what do you think?any oppinion,experiece with gear....would hekp me
thank you!

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What do you think about 2Channel Mixer-recomandations ??

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DJADMIN    posted on 20-11-2008 12:50
I think the reloop mixer is a nice way to start ! Great mixer for a nice price !

Good luck
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Ziax    posted on 20-11-2008 15:34
With your budget I sould also look forward for a Reloop mixer,
If I should be you, I would keep my money and wait for another 100€.
Then I should try to find an Ecler NUO 2. New price: +/- 400€

IulianE    posted on 20-11-2008 18:26
i was looking for a 200E mixer...400 is double
i'm not a beginner...i just don't want to spend more than 200e on a mixer,my present gemini is 80 euros :D
i don't want effects ,just some good quality faders and goood musical EQ,and decent sound quality
for 400 euros i'll choose djm 400 or second hand djm 600
IulianE    posted on 14-12-2008 17:06
i just ordered a DENON DNX 120 at 230 euro. Happy, laughing
Mixt-Ape    posted on 14-12-2008 21:49
Urei 1601E !!!

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