Ableton Live v Ableton Live LE
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steve-wilson    posted on 17-11-2008 20:28
I know LE is the light version so wont be as good and the price reflects that, but i was wondering what are the main differences between between the two? is it still worth buying? will be using it mainly for live DJing but will also be using to produce maybe alongside FL Studios

thanks in advance

What do you think about Ableton Live v Ableton Live LE ??

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Dyno    posted on 17-11-2008 20:58
You can compare the 2 versions HERE
steve-wilson    posted on 17-11-2008 23:22
thanks so much.. still a few thinks i dont know what they mean.. but i think i mite go for it :P
borisdekloris2    posted on 18-11-2008 21:51
Please Notice !

You can't rewire FL Studio with Ableton 7 LE , You can with the full version
And you can only use 2 vst instruments at the same time in LE.

Next month I upgrade to the full version ... for those 2 reasons
steve-wilson    posted on 26-11-2008 21:07
would you mind briefly explaining rewire to me please.. im very new to this
borisdekloris2    posted on 27-11-2008 07:07

In Ableton Live  (NOT Le Version), you can rewire other sequencer software. For example
fruityloops , if you have an  instrument in Fruityloops you can play  it in live , connecting  virtual to each other...

This can be ... a worst explination , I hope it's helpfull
steve-wilson    posted on 28-11-2008 18:33
thanks yeah  kind of understand thanks
steve-wilson    posted on 28-11-2008 19:31
so LE doesnt do MP3?
Stefjuuh    posted on 28-11-2008 19:40
Please read carefully in the link given by dyno, you see it does!
steve-wilson    posted on 28-11-2008 20:47
im a little confused.. my copy wont let me drag in MP3s.. do you think it could be because its Digidesign version? and does anyone actually know what this version is? I got it free of a friend who didnt use it
Stefjuuh    posted on 28-11-2008 21:01
Sorry, cant help you. It should work! You can play mp3 on that pc..?
steve-wilson    posted on 29-11-2008 13:58
yeah no problems playing MP3s in Itunes.. just wont let me drag them in to Ableton. I think it may be because its a DigiDesign version or something.

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