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tairip    posted on 25-07-2005 21:41
Numark iDJ

Numark, the leading name in the world of DJ products and accessories, proudly announces the iDJ Mixing Console for iPod portable music players. The iDJ enables mobile DJs and iPod enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate their portable music libraries with other music and sound reinforcement systems?transforming the iPod from a personal music player into a source playback device. With its compact form factor, comprehensive feature set, and a blue on white aesthetic appeal that blends perfectly with the iPod, Numark?s iDJ makes the music more accessible and the party better than ever.

Extended information

The iDJ features extruded, anodized aluminum panels, zero tolerance precision switches and knobs for a tight, precise feel, and a soft touch edge bumper that both protects and visually enhances the unit. This full-featured mixer with dual iPod docking stations incorporates a microphone input plus both quarter- and eighth-inch headphone outputs to complete the mixing experience. With USB connectivity to both PC and Macintosh computers, the iDJ functions as a music-loading base as well. Further, the iDJ supports the limited recording capabilities of the iPod?enabling the recording of voice notes for memos, etc. Combine all this with the thoughtful turntable spindle receptacle that enables placement of the iDJ on a turntable when space is limited, and the iDJ is ready to rock.

Numark?s iDJ features two universal iPod docking stations that accept all model iPods with the bottom connector. Featuring large iPod navigation controls, this two-channel mixer provides 3-band EQ with gain control for each channel and a dedicated microphone input with tone and level control. Each channel also provides phono/line inputs for adding additional devices such as CD players and samplers into the mix. With large knobs that are pleasing to the touch, the iDJ provides just the right feel for play control.

On the output side, the iDJ incorporates a master output LED meter for visual confirmation of one?s audio signals and a professional quality crossfader with fader start control for blending and alternating between the two channel?s audio signals. Additionally, the iDJ provides a cue tone and cue source selector for managing music sources. With both quarter- and eighth-inch headphone outputs, the iDJ is able to accommodate both consumer style headphones with minijack connectors as well as professional grade headphones with the larger connector type. To connect to sound systems and external recorders, the iDJ provides Master and Record outputs.

For computer connectivity, Numark?s iDJ is right on the money. This feature-packed mixer provides USB connectivity to both PC and Macintosh computers, facilitating convenient iPod docking to one?s personal computer. With the iDJ?s USB capabilities, music enthusiasts can mix music to their heart?s content while still having full interoperability with their computer for modifying/expanding their music libraries. And with an S-Video output (for iPod Photo model players only), the iDJ is ready to patch into video displays for complete multimedia.

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With a suggested retail price of $399, Numark?s iDJ Mixing Console for iPod offers a wealth of creative options for music enthusiasts of all genres. The iDJ will be available Q3 of 2005.

Suggested retail price: ?399.00

Link Numark Website
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robbert    posted on 01-04-2006 23:28
Poster: djliberty
yess but its looks almost like the efx1000: Jogs, color

ja wat ik wil zeggen.. ik krijg zo de schijt van jou met altijd je domme opmerkingen.

Je bakt er zelf nog niet eens wat van en geeft meningen terwijl je er totaal geen verstand van hebt!

Echt jonge.. zoek toch ffs een andere hobby!

SonicWalker    posted on 02-04-2006 01:39
Poster: mentheman88
(sorry) ok i tried the idj1 2 days ago --> it really sucks. you can't even have pitch control on it.

We know and it does not deserver the name (although I heard the rumor, that there are still some DJs out there, who are not doing any beat-matching). Anyhow, that's why the iDJ2 finally seems to be something, which might actually be useful and you don't even need 2 iPods.
the-melody    posted on 02-04-2006 08:05
Poster: robbert

ja wat ik wil zeggen.. ik krijg zo de schijt van jou met altijd je domme opmerkingen.

Je bakt er zelf nog niet eens wat van en geeft meningen terwijl je er totaal geen verstand van hebt!

Echt jonge.. zoek toch ffs een andere hobby!

 ja en kga nu even mijn mond houdeWinking my eye hoe oud zijde gij misschien? 15/16? Ouder?? Wel ik moet nog leren. edit: als je het over die numark 2de ipod mixer hebt, dan kun je beter ook de schijt tegen deafdj hebben, hij vertelde mij dat! Heb jij nu niets anders te doen als ruzie make? Presies nie!
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teddyaakre    posted on 03-04-2006 17:46
No matter what you do, dont buy this!!

Its the biggest waste of money i have ever come across..

My little brother got this for christmas, with his grandparents forgetting that he doesnt have two ipods!

Pluss when he borrowed a second one, just to try it, omg!

Everything on it is horrible! First of all the sound is amazingly bad, and the equalizers suck, they are extremely in-precise.. and You can't change the pitch, which makes it basically impossible to beatmatch! Numark, please don't make anything like this again!

jordy    posted on 03-04-2006 18:41
there also is a iDJ2 Winking my eye wich only requires 1 iPod (look @ my topics)
Camino    posted on 03-04-2006 18:44
and pitches as well by the way Winking my eye

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