Numark HDCD1 [dual cd player with harddrive]
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tairip    posted on 25-07-2005 21:37
Numark HDCD1

Numark, the name synonymous with innovation in professional DJ equipment, proudly announces the HDCD1, a rack-mountable, dual CD player with built-in hard drive. The first music playback system of its kind developed specifically for the professional DJ, the HDCD1 can store an entire DJ collection for the ultimate in portability, organization, and convenience. MP3s and uncompressed audio files can be ripped from either of the built-in CD players, transferred from computer via USB, and even recorded from turntables and other sources through the units analog line inputs.

With an 80 GB internal hard drive, the new HDCD1 can store a tremendous amount of music?particularly if those files are in the popular MP3 format. The HDCD1 features dual jumbo displays with dedicated controls, making system navigation and file search quick and simple. There is an onboard CDDB database for instant recognition of song title, artist, and genre when using commercial CDs. The HDCD1 even includes a standard PC-style keyboard that facilitates easy searches. Songs and playlists can be searched by title, artist, album, or genre. Additionally, the HDCD1?s included software enables upload and back-up download of music files, song and playlist data editing, plus the ability to export song lists as text.

As a professional CD player, the HDCD1 excels. This outstanding music playback system features dual CD transports and can operate as a standalone professional dual CD player?featuring full compatibility with CD, CD-R/CD-RW, and Data (MP3) disc formats.

With a suggested retail price of $2,199(euro 1850), Numark?s new HDCD1 Dual CD Player with Hard Drive re-defines the term state-of-the-art in music playback systems developed for the DJ market. The HDCD1 Dual CD Player with Hard Drive will be available Q2 of 2005.

Technical specifications

- Large internal hard drive stores MP3s and uncompressed audio.
- Rip audio from CD.
- Transfer audio files from computer over USB.
- Record through line inputs.
- Store entire DJ collection.
- Instant song and CD data.
- Dual CD Players.
- Operate as standalone professional dual CD player.
- Full compatibility with CD, CDR Data (MP3), and CDRW.
- Two jumbo displays and navigation controls.
- Quickly create playlists of entire music sets.
- Search CDs and hard drive by song, artist, album, playlist or genre.
- Keyboard connection for rapid song search.
- Professional DJ functionality.
- Pitch, instant start, relay start, and seamless looping.
- Play modes include single, continuous, random, repeat single, and repeat continuous.
- Included software for interfacing with computer.
- Upload and back-up download of music files.
- Edit song and playlist data.
- Access the Internet Gracenote music recognition service for files not in the internal database.
- Export internal song list as text.

Numark Website
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What do you think about Numark HDCD1 [dual cd player with harddrive] ??

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Lead    posted on 25-07-2005 21:56
Hehe, also see this image in the gallery

Let the BASS be louder
Dj_Danny    posted on 26-07-2005 12:46
I think it's a good solution, but I thing it's very problematic to find your track.. 'cause it can store a whole lot of tracks, I think

Jorrit    posted on 26-07-2005 13:17
i think they have found a solution for that...
Like making it possible to arrange the music in different styles.
Dj_Danny    posted on 26-07-2005 13:31
 But style you don't have the abbilaty to type the name of the track or artist on a keybord..
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W.i.M    posted on 26-07-2005 13:54
The look of the player is good in my opinion
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
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tairip    posted on 26-07-2005 14:49
It's a good idea to make an option for a keyboard or something and a TFT Winking my eye

Maybe it's possible I'll ask the salesman (Headscratch vertegenwoordiger!) tomorrow.
DJ_SEVEN_7_    posted on 30-08-2005 21:59
Have anyone used this?, and if so, is it possible to change the HD?

I'm thinkin of buyin one to minimize my Equipment needs.

No lap top, or bulky cdp, tts, or mixers for that matter
jordy    posted on 30-08-2005 22:31
Poster: tairip

local dealer Winking my eye
Jorrit    posted on 30-08-2005 22:33
No that's not what he meant...
jordy    posted on 30-08-2005 22:50
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