I need help!! new mixer
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Marrabas    posted on 21-10-2008 23:08
I got to buy a new mixer... now I got a vmx1000...it's my first mixer but know it's not enough...SO I got to buy a new one... I would know which mixer I can buy with 350 ?...I just need a 2 channels mixer...to play minimaltechno music...I was looking for at the denon dn-x120 but it looks like too 'simple'...HELP MEE!!!!!
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LouisCasper    posted on 22-10-2008 07:12
Maybe a Numark DXM09?
RiX    posted on 22-10-2008 07:22
I need some more info. Do you want:
- effects on the mixer
- send en return

With effects you can try Numark DXM-06 (2 channel with effects, 219 E)

Without effects you can try Vestax VMC-004XLu (4 channel, 249 E) or Reloop RMX-30 BPM Blackfire (with bpm counter and nice rubber potmeters, 219 E)
But the Denon DN-X120 (279 E) is also a very nice mixer. You can use 4 LINES + 2 PHONO on this 2 channel mixer.

I would say: look around on the internet for these mixers or visit a shop and try them for yourself. Than make a choice. Good luck and have fun!

Greetings from the Netherlands
RiX    posted on 22-10-2008 07:24
Poster: Look
Maybe a Numark DXM09?

Truely a nice mixer. This was the one I was gonna buy, before I met the Ecler Nuo 3 :D
dodig    posted on 21-12-2008 20:16
buy some xone ..... Happy, laughing i'm in love with xone....
Tizio    posted on 21-12-2008 20:35
Hey there vmx1000 brother! :P
If i were you and wanted to spend my whole budget, I'd go for the reloop rmx40(so, 4 channels) blackfire.. It has got effects and enough possibilities to expand your set.
Or an other option would be to buy a good state second hand pioneer djm400, 2 channels but lots of effects and a 5 bank sampler! You should find enough info of it here on DJR..

If I could find a djm400 in a great state second hand for a good price, i should take that one..

@dodig: maybe a little bit over budget? :P
JollyJunkie    posted on 21-12-2008 21:31
Poster: dodig
buy some xone ..... Happy, laughing i'm in love with xone....

That isn't possible for 350...

I've got the DN-X120, it's a very good mixer!
EQ is nice, faders are nice, it has much inputs and it's good-quality!
But if you hven't got any effects on your decks/TT's or have an external effect-machine you coul better buy a DXM06 or a Reloop IQ-2.
The Reloop is a really nice mixer for the money, it has got many effects and it's only 299.You could get a USB version of it to for 339.
Another option is the Korg KM-202 but that's al little over budget.

DN-X120: 279,_
DXM-06: 219,_
Reloop IQ-2+: 299,_
Reloop IQ-2+ USB: 339,_
Korg KM-202: 450,_

I prefer the Reloop!
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Ziax    posted on 21-12-2008 22:56
Nobody who had been thinking about an ECLER nuo 2?

great mixer. Long, adorable faders; quality knobs and crossfader; external crossfader possible on the 2.0 version; send and return...

Great price for a great mixer!
gilan    posted on 21-12-2008 23:09
raise some money and buy an allen & heath mixer 
thats the best mixer for minimal becaus it has 2 mid's
Mixt-Ape    posted on 22-12-2008 11:47
I would try and stretch the budget a bit and go for a Vestax mixer......top quality!!
IulianE    posted on 22-12-2008 16:02
I have NUO 2.0 and I play minimal and techno...the EQ is very good,musical,wide range...and the isolator buttons are perfect for cutting frequences
Marrabas    posted on 12-01-2009 17:01
already done!! xD i bought the dn-x120 by denon... it's pretty good!! thx!!
Mixt-Ape    posted on 12-01-2009 17:19
alright! good luck with it
RiX    posted on 12-01-2009 18:22
nice choice. have fun!!

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