Gemini announces new slot loading CD player
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tairip    posted on 18-07-2005 19:07
Gemini announces new slot loading CD player - Gemini CFX-20

Announcing the new CFX-20 Professional Slot-Loading CD Player, Geminis latest and greatest innovation in their line of Tabletop CD Players. With its wide array of features and new touch-sensitive technology, this unit promises to destroy all competition in its price range.

We?ve fitted the CFX-20 with a special Touch-Sensitive Jog Wheel that responds instantaneously to the slightest touch.
You can control the current track by simply placing your fingers on the center jog wheel plate, rolling it forward, or rolling it
back ? just like a piece of vinyl! The Jog Wheel is also capable of switching between Jog Mode and Pitch Bend mode, which is toggled through a convenient button located to the top right of the Jog Wheel and controlled by the outer ring of the Jog Wheel itself.

The CFX-20 also comes equipped other special features including two 8-second Sampler Banks, three programmable Fly Cue Points, Seamless Loop capability, BPM counter, Key Lock, and up to 100% variable pitch control. Other features include Single Auto-Cue and Continuous Play Modes, three Time display modes, rotary Brake control, and 10-second
Anti-Shock protection.

With all these amazing features and the CFX-20?s revolutionary Touch Sensitive technology, this new CFX unit will prove to be the perfect addition to any digital DJ arsenal. (Price: $479.99 MSRP)

Technical specifications

Audio CD, CD-R, & CD-RW compatible
Slot-loading CD mechanism
Disc identification system for memorizing cue points
Touch-sensitive jog wheel
3 fly cues & 2 eight second sampler banks
10 sec. Anti-shockTM protection using RAM buffer memory
Seamless loop with reloop & B-edit
Key lock & BPM counter
Pitch bend via jog wheel or buttons
Variable pitch slide control with ranges of 4%, 8%, 16%, 100%
Adjustable brake control & reverse
+10 track selection
Dual jog mode function
Single auto-cue/continuous play modes
Three time display modes
Large blue backlit LCD display
Coaxial RCA digital output
Sleep mode

Unit Dimensions: 8.5? x 3.75? x 12.5? (216 x 95 x 317.1 mm)
Weight: 6.6 lbs. (3 kg) Shipping: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)

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tairip    posted on 18-07-2005 19:08
Looks cool to me!!
Lead    posted on 18-07-2005 19:19
Nice, allthough I do think that they've looked at Denon with that bleu strip...
Let the BASS be louder
DJ_SEVEN_7_    posted on 16-09-2005 07:50
I Wish up on a star, but "not" Gemini *lol*

I'm fed up with piece of shit brands that think they could put PIO or Denon out of business, that'll be the day let me tell ya !

/Seven    posted on 16-09-2005 15:25
looks nice to me
jordy    posted on 16-09-2005 16:44
Poster: DJ_SEVEN_7_
I Wish up on a star, but "not" Gemini *lol*

I'm fed up with piece of shit brands that think they could put PIO or Denon out of business, that'll be the day let me tell ya !


i geass it's more aiming to the starting dj's who can't afford a PIO or DENON Winking my eye
Lukaz    posted on 17-09-2005 13:38
it's just what jordy say its for starting djs who cant pay a pio, becuase if you get enough mony you try to get best?  or don't you?

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