please vote outa these 4 headphones!
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Poll : which headphone should i get?

-Technics RP-DH1200 Pro
-Pioneer HDJ1000
-Stanton DJPRO3000
-Seinheisser HD25

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Homer    posted on 11-07-2005 17:45
i kno there are a lotta posts about headphones already and ive read them all but i would like a final vote down on the 4 ive chosen as 'the best'.
i found the cheapest price possible and some of the bad things ive found out about each here r my comments on each

Technics RP-DH1200 Pro- $100 / too heavy
Pioneer HDJ1000 - $140 / breaks too easily
Stanton DJPRO3000 - $100 / not popular?
Seinheisser HD25 - $180 / too expensive

please vote and thx in advance!
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What do you think about please vote outa these 4 headphones! ??

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Jorrit    posted on 11-07-2005 18:32
I'm sure this poll will result with the winner: HDJ-1000
Most people here are Pioneer users, and will tell you the HDJ is the best.

I don't think u can compare the Stanton with the rest of them. Popularity isn't the problem, but it just can't compeat with the rest.
The HD 25 is a nice headphone 2, looking good, sounding good, but is (as you mentioned) very expensive.
The technics is nice 2, it won't break that fast.

But the pioneer looks soooo good Winking my eye
tairip    posted on 11-07-2005 22:24
To decide what a good headphone is you have to make a dissicion, where do I need it for, what do I want!

A cristal clear sound?
Unbreakable (as much as possible)
and so on!

I've got a Se-M10R its good for Studio and dj work but you have to be carefull whit it!
My RP-DJ1210 is my allround DJ headphone! (It can play very loud and its unbreakable)!

But the HD-25-1 is also one of my favorites but its very expansive!
wallsy10    posted on 16-07-2005 00:33
had a pair of stantons fell apart in 4months and i mean every bit of plastic broke
Jorrit    posted on 16-07-2005 11:19
how did that happen? I't just broke suddenly? Or did you throw it against a wall?
ImPaCtDJ    posted on 18-07-2005 07:12

Sony is not good enough? I had a pair of Sonys that lasted forever :D

Pullstar    posted on 18-07-2005 23:58
How come I'm missing the Sony MDR V700 in this line-up? I would definately vote for that one... I'll have to settle for the sennheiser. In my opinion the best of these four. Good construction, great definition in sound, tight fit...good for DJ-ing and production work. The only negative thing I could bring to bare is that it lacks a spiral cable. Besides that; the best all round HP in the mentioned list...
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Homer    posted on 19-07-2005 01:39
im not a big sony i didnt include it. anyways ive decided on the Technics RP-DH1200 Pro simply because its cheaper than the HDJ1000 and i heard it lasts long

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