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steve-wilson    posted on 31-07-2008 00:37
wats the best dj'ing software out there, i know of ableton as reccomended by a friend, and i know alot of people use tracktor, was wondering what people thort of different softwares, wat do you recommend?

What do you think about djing software ??

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Lead    posted on 31-07-2008 01:56
Native Instruments Traktor is dj mixing software while Ableton Live is more production software.

Traktor works like a twin CD deck on your PC and works like so.
Live is studio orientated and works with blocks to say it i a very simple way. Live syncs BPM automatically so beatmatching is not one of your tasks. You can live remix tracks by adding layers with breakbeats etc to playing tracks.

Live can also be used in another mode so it can be used for productions and remixes.

If you want to DJ : Traktor, if you want to produce : Live.
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steve-wilson    posted on 31-07-2008 02:14
thanks.. production is something i want to go into and Live sounds like the best option
NielsR    posted on 31-07-2008 03:08
Poster: steve-wilson
thanks.. production is something i want to go into and Live sounds like the best option

I use both, traktor for dj'ing (traktor scratch btw) and ableton for producing,
Antoine88    posted on 31-07-2008 10:20
NielsR, can you tell me more about Traktor Scratch. Are you using it for live mixing, or just at home for a mixtape.?
mosthighsoundz    posted on 27-08-2008 01:05
can you get tractor for the mac?
Antoine88    posted on 27-08-2008 09:48
yes offcourse..
mosthighsoundz    posted on 27-08-2008 11:59
sorry but my computer literacy is not a sharp as most Cool Is it the best prog or would you use something else
TuningTwentyfive    posted on 12-09-2009 03:04
I use Pioneer DJs with 2 soundcards cause I haven't CD Players nowadays
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dwilliams    posted on 12-02-2020 08:47

There are many great DJ software out there. You can see some of the best here

Lead    posted on 12-02-2020 12:35

Nice list, I wonder why they didn't include Rekordbox software though ?

It's around for 7 years now and would suspect it in that list at some spot.

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