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steve-wilson    posted on 28-07-2008 18:49
So for computer DJ'ing and producing, Apple Macs are the best. Why?

I'm thinking of buying a laptop and ableton live 7, but being 17 and still in education, an Apple Macbook is a little too expensive. I was wondering what makes apple macs so good when it comes to music softwares and what disadvantage I'd be at buying a normal laptop instead.
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What do you think about Apple Macbook vs Laptop ??

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Xtremer    posted on 28-07-2008 18:56
The whole apple system it selfWinking my eye. A normal PC or Laptop with Windows needs a fresh install every 3 months to keep the system fast. With apple your abble to run other programs without losing speed. On apple you use Logic, a very nice program and as the name says everything is Logical! I think i'll buy a iMac for making music with Logic Pro just for the quallityWinking my eye. I won't say it's not able to make music on a PC, absolutly not!!, but on a Mac or Macbook it's just smoother:P.
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nils7    posted on 28-07-2008 19:13
The macbook pro is the best laptop to run Vista on... says enough.
Although I only used Vista on my macbook pro just to check if it worked Winking my eye

Last friday I also ordered a Macbook so I'm totally over :P

And every mac comes standard with garageband okay it's not a fruity loops or logic pro but making a song is easy and let's you step into the more difficult programs much easier and even let's you import your garageband tracks in Logic (and also I think Reason)
steve-wilson    posted on 28-07-2008 19:49
the programs it runs dont appeal to me really, i will probably only be using Ableton Live, so except not needing to update all of the time, there isnt really much difference when it comes to DJ'ing?
Down_Town    posted on 28-07-2008 19:56
I used a laptop with XP for DJ'ing for a couple of years. This laptop was only for my music storage and playing Traktor DJ Studio. For all my other programs I used a different PC just to keep my DJ laptop smooth and fast. Since march this year I own a Mackbook Pro and now I only use this one computer for all my stuff. It's for DJ'ing but I also use Adobe CS3, Logic Pro, Ableton, etc. All on ONE system. I do not use my Windows systems anymore because I can do it al on my Mac and it is still as fast as lighting!
steve-wilson    posted on 28-07-2008 20:01
so the main factor here is the speed of the system? windows computers cant handle all the prgrams? what if i used my 500gb external hard drive to store all files and just had the programmes i used on the laptop hard drive? or even just Ableton on the laptop hard drive and all other programmes on the external (if thats possible)
Xtremer    posted on 28-07-2008 20:13
The fact is simple. A PC needs a lot of your free time to keep it runningWinking my eye. Keep in mind that Apple is the creator of the Computer or Mac actually. But back on the topic... With a Mac or Macbook or whatever from apple the chance of getting a Virus is to small! A virusscanner asks a lot of your internal memory and CPU. With a Mac you don't have that. Applications are for a PC also a huge CPU eater! If you want a PC just use it for one thing, or for Gaming or for making music or other things! You can use an 500GB external HD on a PC but file sharing and that things are slower than a internal harddiscWinking my eye. You should test the iMac or Macbook at the Apple shop, believe me you gonna love itCry
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steve-wilson    posted on 28-07-2008 20:32
i really want to buy the apple, but would want a macbook so its easy transportable
Xtremer    posted on 28-07-2008 20:34
Also a good choiseWinking my eye. Almost as good as an normal iMac!
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steve-wilson    posted on 28-07-2008 20:54
still need to get 700 pound for one Unhappy
BVN    posted on 28-07-2008 22:23
i think normall laptop
Macbook is not really easy
my friend got 1 and i cant work on it!Cry
jannickv    posted on 28-07-2008 22:41
Poster: BVN
i think normall laptop
Macbook is not really easy
my friend got 1 and i cant work on it!Cry

if you work for the first time on a windows it wil be hard to...
you just have to learn how to work with it
BVN    posted on 28-07-2008 22:43
i know i work for first time on apple
like i say i cant work on it!
the-melody    posted on 29-07-2008 15:02
Poster: BVN
i know i work for first time on apple
like i say i cant work on it!
 Or because your IQ is lower dan 0?
How you can say that it sucks if you dont now how you have to use it?
The first time that you use windhoos, you knew everthing about it ? No! So think first before you make a stupid post like thisCry
Bastian    posted on 29-07-2008 15:04
Niveau ligt voor mij te laag om in Engels te gaan praten, maar Mac's the best.
JollyJunkie    posted on 29-07-2008 15:08
Poster: Bastian
Niveau ligt voor mij te laag om in Engels te gaan praten, maar Mac's the best.
I convert this because he talk Dutch steve-wilson :P :
Level is to low for me to talk English, but Mac is the best.
WopWopWop    posted on 29-07-2008 15:26
Apple macbook is specialised in that kind of computers. It has not Windows but Linux i thought. Macbooks could you use for mixing but i doesn't realy mather cause u only need a dj program. A proram like Virtual Dj is also possible for a Toshiba or HP computer.

And an Apple Macbook is not better in music cause they have made a lot of Ipod's. It about the program
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Antoine88    posted on 29-07-2008 16:00
Poster: WopWopWop
And an Apple Macbook is not better in music cause they have made a lot of Ipod's. It about the program

Bullcrap ur posting up here.
If an Apple system is up and running while mixing and ur Windows system is crashing while mixing, u may conclude that the mac is performing better. So my point is, it is certainly not all about the software.

Turing to Steve-Wilson. When i comes to software only, i have no idea. But looking at the total picture, investing in a Mac will be rewarded with an exellent system.
Dof    posted on 30-07-2008 00:08
I work with macs for 15 years now and if it was up to me i would say, go for mac Happy, laughing Its a combination of the rights software and an operating system which doesn't clutter up with all kind of startup items, dll's.

I am a developer of software and for my job i also need to work on a PC alot, i can confirm from experience that every 6 months you do need a complete install of your OS because its getting slower and slower if you don't keep your machine nice and tidy (that means, dont use the internet, dont install software and games on it, keep your desktop clean Happy, laughing ) In comparison: my macbook pro runs for 2 years now without having to install everything over and on this macbook i run all kind of applications and test software also.

When my work is done, i simply close the lid and put it to sleep and i won't have to reboot for weeks.

The only downside of a macbook pro is you can buy 3 cheep pc laptops for the price it will cost you.
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Antoine88    posted on 30-07-2008 13:09
I'm wondering Mr. Wilson if these posts are useful to you.?
steve-wilson    posted on 31-07-2008 00:26
yes very people thank you very much, sorry for not responding much but i'v beed a little busy. I see now that Macs are best because of system performance, all i need now id atleast 700 pound to buy a one :P, i also need a new mixer which is midi mappable :P a wish i cud get a loan :P

so do all macbooks come with ethernet ports??
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NielsR    posted on 05-08-2008 23:28
Poster: steve-wilson
so do all macbooks come with ethernet ports??

Yes and also build in wifiCool
steve-wilson    posted on 05-08-2008 23:57
yeah but wifi is only 54 MBps, yes?
steve-wilson    posted on 06-08-2008 23:03
Just bought a macbook off ebay, cant wait till it comes xD
Lead    posted on 23-08-2008 01:34
And how did this end ??
Did you get your Macbook... Happy with it ?
Let the BASS be louder
Tekhead    posted on 27-08-2008 22:42
Poster: BVN
i think normall laptop
Macbook is not really easy
my friend got 1 and i cant work on it!Cry
 Even a nerd can.
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