technics 1210 LEDs
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steve-wilson    posted on 23-07-2008 00:56
Anyone know how to install the Technics 1210 LED conversion kit to turn the lights blue?

If so, is it hard? anyone got a video of it being done?

Any help appresiated.

What do you think about technics 1210 LEDs ??

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Lead    posted on 23-07-2008 08:38
I know how to replace them, I've done it before...

My Technicshas blue LED's. No step by step tutorial, but you could read this DJ topic about my modded Technics SL1210 LTD.
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steve-wilson    posted on 26-07-2008 23:19
yeahh thats what i mean.. was it hard to do.. should i take it to a shop to get it done?
Tekhead    posted on 26-07-2008 23:50
if you are a handy selfmade man with the wright tools and equipment it isn't hard to do, otherwise bring him to a shop.
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Lead    posted on 27-07-2008 13:11
I did it myself and also needed to find out how to get it all working (what resistors to replace atc), but if you read my topic a bit you know how it should be done. Then decide if you're up to it. I'm pretty confortable with a soldering welt so then it's an easy fix.

If you've got any doubts, you better let somebody elso do it. I could do it for you, but there is a little distance that you TT needs to be traveling then....
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steve-wilson    posted on 28-07-2008 13:02
yeah thanks, i think i'll try and get someone to do it, if not i'll take it to a shop. does anyone know roughly how much i would expect to pay?
Lead    posted on 28-07-2008 13:17
This is not a standard fix so somebody needs to find out what compenents to use and he has to munt everything. I think this will take about 1 or 1,5 hours, count on about 2 hours labour + parts.

I think they need about 20 minutes to figure out what to use and then another 45 minuts for assembly.
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steve-wilson    posted on 28-07-2008 18:22
well i have the parts (well there on there way), bought them off ebay, a hope a can find someone to do it cheap
Tekhead    posted on 01-09-2008 01:16
go 2 a local electroshop like Tandy en ask them to solve the new ledlights to the printplate, do not forget 2 remove the old bulb. Succes

ps. I did this change of light before,and completin' this job in 2 hours
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Lead    posted on 01-09-2008 01:21
if you bring stuff away for repair you bettor NOT remove parts yourself. Let everything do by them. If something goes wrong it cannot be your fault Winking my eye
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steve-wilson    posted on 01-09-2008 21:57
got a quote from shop of £50 (just over €60) so decided to do it myself with my grandad.. wasnt to difficult,, and everything workd great Happy, laughing

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