Denon DN-D4500 CD/MP3 Player
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Lead    posted on 21-06-2005 10:59
Denon just released some information about the brand new Denon DN-D4500. This will be the successort of their succesful DN-D4000 players. The DND4500 should give you improved MP3 playabilities and some new features. The jogs are the same size as you are used to : 50mm in diameter.

The news is still not spread via the official ways and all we have to do it with is some tiny shettered information across the web, but I'll try to bundle it here Winking my eye

As far as I know this should be the image of this brand new Denon DJ CD player :

Denon DND4500 CD and MP3 Player

Features DN-D4500

    • MP3 Seamless Looping
    • MP3 Hot Starts
    • MP3 Frame Search
    • Supports C.B.R. & V.B.R. decoding up to 320 kBps
    • ID3 Tags, displays: Title, Artist, Album
    • MP3 File Search System (locate tracks by name or folder)
    • CD +/- 4%, 10%, 16%, 24%, 50%, 100%
    • MP3 +/- 4%, 10%, 16%
    • Voor opslaan van meer dan 1000 memo punten (cue point, playback pitch & range, Pitch on/off, Key adjust on/off en Seamless Loop A/B data
  • Key Adjust (Master Tempo)(CD of MP3)
  • Auto BPM Counter (CD of MP3)
  • Improved MP3 Playback offering:
  • Pitch Control - Pitch Range improved
  • Loop End point Trim (B point)
  • Cue Stutter (CD of MP3)
  • Brake Effect, adjustable while in use
  • CD Memo functie

It seems that they are following Pioneer with their development (Cue Stutter, Memo function). I'm quit curious when the final product will reach the market, but I guess it will take some more time. The price will probably be around 765 euro excluding VAT. (Price mentioned Here)
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What do you think about Denon DN-D4500 CD/MP3 Player ??

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Jorrit    posted on 21-06-2005 11:08
apart dat de MP pitch niet verder gaat dan 16% en die van de cd wel...
Maar het ziet er verder allemaal goed uit, ben benieuwd wat de prijs is..
Mimoza    posted on 21-06-2005 21:16
de prijs zegt ongeveer 765 excl btw als ik me niet vergis
(volgens andere internet bronnen)
kiss the future
Zen    posted on 23-06-2005 03:05
Hmm.... I would wanna try this Happy, laughing When will it be in stores ?
YourLiVe    posted on 23-06-2005 16:14
Poster: Lead

It seems that they are following Pioneer with their development (Cue Stutter, Memo function).

Denon's 2600 had a memo function already, and also a stutter (not on cue but on loop in...)
Lead    posted on 23-06-2005 16:32
Yep right.... but combining the stutter with the Cue button is as simple as it is logical Winking my eye
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W.i.M    posted on 23-06-2005 20:50
ziet er leuk uit..

Ik ben ook benieuwd naar de prijs
Waarom lees je dit nu eigenlijk ?
MadSteven    posted on 23-06-2005 23:42
Mmm... Matches my mixer.


No, really, seems like a nice player for its money, in line with the recent release of the Denon S-1000, of course.
Lead    posted on 25-06-2005 03:16
It's more like the 4000. Where do you so things from the s-1000 ?
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MadSteven    posted on 25-06-2005 09:31
Well, quite simply...

I mean this is the counterpart of the s-1000, just like the 6000 is the counterpart of the s-3000 and the 9000 is the counterpart of the s-5000.

The double players have the same features as the single players (except for the platter, of course).

Of course, evolutionary the 4500 is more like the 4000, but well, the Ford Focus II is like the Ford Mondeo, as this is like the s-1000, but you say the Focus II is like the Focus... Which is also true, of course.
Lead    posted on 27-06-2005 23:11
I just received the information from Denon about the DN-D4500 :


Denon have overhauled their popular, high-value DN-D4000 professional dual CD/MP3 rack-mount player, introducing a number of new features.

Known as the DN-D4500, the new playback device features vastly-extended MP3 functionality – including hot starts - which will come as great news for the mobile and club DJ requiring a simple workhorse with high reliability.

How to improve an already award-winning product was the challenge facing the Denon design team, who turned instinctively to the MP3 section of the player. As a result, Key Adjust, Auto BPM Counter, MP3 Seamless Looping with B-Trim edit, MP3 Hot Starts, MP3 File Search System, MP3 Frame Search, CUE Stutter and wider ±24/50/100% pitch ranges for audio CD’s are just some of the enhancements that have been introduced.

The full expanded featureset is as follows:

  • Key Adjust/Master Tempo: (CD or MP3)
  • Auto BPM Counter (CD or MP3)
  • Cue Stutter (CD or MP3)
  • MP3 Playback support:
    • MP3 Seamless Looping with B-Point Trim
    • MP3 Hot Starts
    • MP3 Frame Search
    • Supports C.B.R & V.B.R. decoding up to 320 kbps
    • ID3 Tags, displays: (Title, Artist, Album)
    • MP3 File Search System
      (quickly and easily locate files by name or Folder
  • CD Memo function
    Cue point, Playback Pitch & Range, Pitch On/Off, Key Adjust On/Off and Seamless Loop A and B data can be stored for later recall. Up to 1,000 points can be saved or recalled from either drive.
  • Brake Effect is now user time-adjustable
  • 24-bit DA converter (Upgraded from 16-bit)

Other facilities (which were also included in the DN-D4000), include:

  • Two Seamless Loops
  • Two Hot Starts
  • Loop End Point B-Trim
  • CD Text Support
  • Power-On Play
  • Relay Play (allowing unattended playback)
  • 50mm Jog/Shuttle Ring (with Pitch Bend and Scan/Frame search)
  • Variable Pitch Control (CD and MP3)
  • Shock-Proof Memory
  • Large Fluorescent Tube Display (with Dot Matrix text support)
  • Quick Jump (making searching fast and easy)
  • Instant Start (0.02sec)
  • CD-R/RW Disc Compatible
  • Fader Start Control Terminal (compatible with all Denon DJ mixers)
  • Constant Digital Output and Software Upgradeable (by CD-ROM disk).

The new DN-D4500 will be available at the end of July 2005.


FYI : Denon faderstart is compatible with Pioneers Faderstart Winking my eye

And here is a close up from the controls :

And a nice one in the Gallery :

And the Specifications:

Audio Channels
Sampling Frequency
Frequency Response

Analog Outputs
Total harmonic Distortion
S/N Ratio
Channel Separation
Transfer and Connector
Output Level

Digital Out Connector
Protocol / Format

Power Supply
Power Consumption

Player Unit
Remote control unit (RC-D60)

Player Unit
Remote control unit (RC-D60)

Dual CD/MP3 Player
2 channels (Stereo)
44.1 kHz (Normal Pitch)
20 Hz - 20 kHz
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