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Emaus    posted on 18-06-2005 22:03
What brand are your headphones

PS: Please Moderator edit my poll
sorry my English is bad Unhappy
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What do you think about Your Headphones ??

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King_Vicious    posted on 07-12-2005 12:19
Before my Technics RP DH 1200 I used the Sony MDR V500 and V700. I didn't liked the HDJ 1000, too small for my ears.
Collin    posted on 07-12-2005 21:08
Stanton DJ-pro 2000 The Tiesto koptelefoon hehe
teddyaakre    posted on 03-04-2006 23:58
I used the Pioneer hdj's

But i replaced them with some norwegian "scull candies" I recomend these!

They are not well known but they beat the hell out of the pioneers Winking my eye

Camino    posted on 04-04-2006 00:03
are you referring to these ? i like the mp3 integrated headphones they have!
teddyaakre    posted on 04-04-2006 01:33
Yes, and people should also try the scull crushers..

They are a waste of money but quite fun to play with.. it basically has a intergrated woofer!

the-melody    posted on 04-04-2006 07:49
Technics RP-DJ1200
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Ferry    posted on 04-04-2006 11:07
more than 2 years a hdj-1000, don't want anything else!

Genie    posted on 30-05-2006 17:43
The headphones i use in my sets ARE:

Sony MDRV-700 Professional DJ Headphones

Would not leave home without them


tym    posted on 30-05-2006 17:59
hoppaaa Behringer HPX2000 .. cost me 20 euros but atleast i have headphones to start with :D
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Gery    posted on 30-05-2006 19:38
Poster: DJKimme
think you also forgot sennheiser in the list...

HD25 for life!
don't want anything else!
 RESPECT nigga!

nothing but the HD 25
DJ - Producer
soundcollector    posted on 30-05-2006 21:19
technics rp dj 1200  da best there is I think
gethigh    posted on 30-05-2006 21:32
i have the stanton pro dj 3000

sony mdr v700 or technics rpdj 1200 are the best there is imo, many dj's cant use the sennheiser, not really a headphone for on a party or in a club, you can't bend it
Rens    posted on 30-05-2006 22:06
Poster: Djillusion
Synq HPS-1....

Luisterd uitstekend


I have the Synq HPS-1 Pro, perfect sound and very solid
Lea_Phar    posted on 30-05-2006 23:14
Heb nu nog een V700 (zoals al eerder gepost) maar die houdt het niet lang meer vol.
Heb van het weekend met de HD 25 van vriend van me gedraaid (Ramon Rivé
Super ding!! Ga hem volgende maand ook halen!!
DjCheng    posted on 30-05-2006 23:42
Don't forget this is an English topic iZ 

Well, I've had a Gemini DJX-1 coz I was short on cash. An advice: do NOT buy it ... I've used it for like 2 months and the earpads are making all these 'IIIIEEEK' sounds when I move them :p

So I've ordered a Sony MDR-V700 and can't wait to have it so I can mix again Happy, laughing
DeLange    posted on 30-05-2006 23:42

tsjah.. en ik rommel beetje aan met een skytronic. die eigenlijk best bevalt. kwaliteit van het geluid is niet heel hoog. maar gebruikersgemak des te beter. ik kan 'm zonder problemen hele avond om hebben zonder ook maar iets last te hebben van m'n oren.
Lea_Phar    posted on 31-05-2006 01:10
Poster: DjCheng
Don't forget this is an English topic iZ 


Oops.. Sorry!

I have a V700 for now (as posted before) But it doesn't hold for long.
Last weekend I used a HD 25 of a friend of mine (Ramon Rivé
Superb headphones Gonna buy one myself next month!!
DjCheng    posted on 31-05-2006 01:28
Are you taking care of your headphones or are you someone who likes to be rough?

I've read that if you just treat your headphones the way you're supposed to be they're just great ...
Lea_Phar    posted on 31-05-2006 15:50
I'm using them how they suppose to be used, but after almost 5 yrs the joints start to crack.
MrPecho    posted on 31-05-2006 17:13
Technics RPDH because, It looks better than pioneer and sounds the same to me and
because I've heard that the sony is very breakable.
And I just hadn't enough money for the HD 25, That's the HP with the best sound and it could last for years.
So if my Technics breaks, I probably go for HD25 but I'm very happy with Technics

MauriceForge    posted on 31-05-2006 18:13
does anyone have experience with the akg k181 dj headphone? or the heaphones from ultrasone? i like to have some info bout these cause i am searching for a new hp
Twizz    posted on 31-05-2006 18:55
maybe its better 2 replace vestax in sennheiser, actually I think that many people
use Sennheiser. I've got a Sennheiser HD202, and it really enables me 2 hear what i'm doing wrong in my mixesHappy, laughing
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Lassy    posted on 31-05-2006 21:24
Sony MDR-7506 all the way! Supurb sound with incredible low and dynamics!
dj-t    posted on 01-06-2006 20:50
sennheiser werkt zeer fijn:D
DJ_Sintec    posted on 01-06-2006 22:25
Pioneer SE DJ 5000, works perfect for me, only heavy on your ears for long nights. But it doesn't brake fast like they say about Sony's, and thats good for me Happy, laughing. but in the future i will go for a Sennheiser HD 25
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