DJ-Booth from Norway

Added by Aarvik Flag on 03-04-2008 11:28
Enlarge : DJ-Booth from Norway
This is from Trysil in Norway. I can only say that the new SVM-1000 mixer is fantastic!

Check out a better picture of DJ-Booth: https:////
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What do you think about this Booth DJ-Booth from Norway ??
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There are 44 Comments

Flag soundcollector wrote on 03-04-2008 11:32

holy sh+t, that's one big ass dj booth :D and expensive, would like to play that one


Flag Nandi wrote on 03-04-2008 11:39
:o Nice very very expensiveHappy, laughing
Flag justjustin wrote on 03-04-2008 11:40
WOW that booth is realy big...
some big cash for real!!...but i like it.......
Flag DNR wrote on 03-04-2008 11:41

very very nice.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Flag MoXeGy wrote on 03-04-2008 11:51
nice toys :P 4 cdj's _-_
Flag woxa wrote on 03-04-2008 11:58
idd nice toys
thats its realy a dreamset
DJADMIN wrote on 03-04-2008 12:33
Does it get any better?

This is the dream of every DJ !
Flag georgeharris wrote on 03-04-2008 12:35

RESPECT mate!!!
Flag MissSalem wrote on 03-04-2008 12:47
The whole set must be great to toy with. Happy, laughing Could you get us a clearer picture?
Flag woudy wrote on 03-04-2008 12:57
I think you are the first with de SVM 1000 on DJR, and I also think you have the sickest booth of DJR Damn... If you want to give some CDJ's or DVJ's to charity PM me Cry:P
Flag benoit wrote on 03-04-2008 13:30
nice booth
this can't be better
the svm 1000 is very cool
Flag donkey wrote on 03-04-2008 13:38
this is a really SICK booth ! AweSome ! Could You upload a clearer picture Please.. I would like to see it a bit better, it's so huge
Flag Berbo wrote on 03-04-2008 13:45
holy shit!!!
where did u get all the money from Cry
Flag DonBasco wrote on 03-04-2008 13:50
Could you tell more about the location.
I guess this is booth of a venue?

Or are you using this at home??
Flag Nico_26 wrote on 03-04-2008 14:39
Flag Tijnie wrote on 03-04-2008 14:43
wow dude. That's the most wicked  Sh*t i've ever seenCry
Flag Aarvik wrote on 03-04-2008 14:49

Thanks for great comments! Happy, laughing

This is of course overkill with equipment, but we wanted to see how much we could press in to the DJ-booth. Happy, laughing

This was a setup only for easter (1 week, every day), so the venue does not own this equpment. All of this equipment is mine and my dj colleague.

My equipment:
2x CDJ-1000mk3
1x DJM-800

And my dj colleague has the same, so what we do is that we are sharing the SVM-1000 and DVJ-1000. Happy, laughing

Flag Phenix wrote on 03-04-2008 15:35

this is for me only a dream for me, but nice booth.

Flag Convert wrote on 03-04-2008 15:52
Wow man what a lot of money u got there :P very nice for the vdj too Happy, laughing
Flag Ywe wrote on 03-04-2008 16:08
1/2 x SVM-1000 Cry

Well its good to share :D

Its a great set!
Flag Xtremer wrote on 03-04-2008 16:20
Holly shit! The most beautiful Pioneer booth everCry 
Flag Flexii wrote on 03-04-2008 16:26

damn what a fantastic booth is thisCry
this is really the ultimate  dreambooth

Flag jera wrote on 03-04-2008 17:47
moet ik daar van onder de indruk zijn ofzo:S:P:P whehe te gekke booth man !!!!!!!Happy, laughingHappy, laughing
Flag b3rtj3 wrote on 03-04-2008 18:14
you have a great jobCry
Flag Aarvik wrote on 03-04-2008 18:35
Flag yevgen wrote on 03-04-2008 18:48

        Ok people, do not get upset that you don't have this stuff at your room or home, because as far as I can tell this guy is making green on this equepment. He pays bills with that.
        As for all of you, you just own dj equipment as your vaforite hobby tools.
           I think, if you can afford to have pioneer at your home and not making any money on it ( just like I do) that is the biggest +...................
         Ofcource, if partyies were the only income for you, that you would probably had the same set up....
                       Big respect to you mate......Very cool equipment.

Flag RuudV wrote on 03-04-2008 18:52
Fu*king great booth!! money to much?? :P
Flag Aarvik wrote on 03-04-2008 18:54
Yevgen: Yes, you are 100% correct! I dj every weekend, so I would not have all this equipment if i did not make money on this. To only use this in a bedroom would be crazy! So to all of you playing at home, keep on playing and reach high! Happy, laughing
Flag Tizio wrote on 03-04-2008 19:03
Damn, this is about €15.000, that's a sh*t load of money... Most people buy a car for that :p
bastianhecker wrote on 03-04-2008 21:31
OOOOH MYYY GOOOOD! and i dont like to say that, but fucking hell this is awesome! Never seen this much gear! You also rent this or someting? Have fun with and i dont believe you can't!:D
Flag Berbo wrote on 03-04-2008 21:44
nice booth,
bud where is your headphone?Cry
Flag Adrien1989 wrote on 03-04-2008 22:32
I like, I like, I likeeeeeeeeeeee

Why do you've the DVJ's on the outside?
Flag sanderk wrote on 04-04-2008 10:13
cant be better ...i think
Flag Joeylyn wrote on 04-04-2008 12:21

its a a walastik fantasic booth i ever seen in dj resource.. you are the most nice,and great booth!!
congratulation!!..keep up the good job!! god bless youCry

Flag Joeylyn wrote on 04-04-2008 12:31
i think you are the god dj.. and a reach man!!nice.. how many years your a dj?
Flag Aarvik wrote on 04-04-2008 15:50
thanks again for great comments! Happy, laughing

Joeylyn: I have been djing for 10 years, had my first gig when I was 15 years old.
Flag robbert wrote on 06-04-2008 10:51

A DJ booth just can't be better!

Flag djfuse wrote on 06-04-2008 18:15
nice booth Winking my eyeWinking my eyeWinking my eye
Flag TommyLE wrote on 06-04-2008 22:51
We used this headset when we played togheter. Happy, laughing
Flag zalo wrote on 07-04-2008 00:01
the same booth of regi during 'Regi in the mix' in de Lotto Arena only it where only dvj
Flag JollyJunkie wrote on 10-04-2008 09:36
WOOOW, man that's the biggest (and expencivest) set I have ever seen before at DJR, omg
Flag DJ-DVJ wrote on 31-05-2008 17:58
Hello manHappy, laughing
I have the same SVM-1000
you like him to? Al the effect's!! i had to learn a month to know them al!!:P
But now ik know and i give nice party's Happy, laughing

Greetz DJ-DVJ
Flag sollitch wrote on 03-11-2008 23:31
hehe use him to. people really like it when I use the svm at some party's. The sound touch effecht really sweep up the whole crowd!!!!! grtz sollitch
Flag djasper wrote on 21-01-2010 23:33
heaven is a place on earth.
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