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DJ StuffyKool

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14-06-1980  (Age: 38)
March 2009   (9 years)

Drum'n Bass, Electro, Hardstyle, Hip Hop, Oldschool, Techno

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Music is life, Life Music!!

Shortly introduce myself,

My name is Steffie, and just started turning the tables, and ohh i love it!!

In early age i still remember, always there was the music, to my mothers irritations...... especially when my musical interest changed into hardcore style.

However i never thought about playing i do. It started at an after after party at a just met friends house. We were all talking, drinking listening to some high bpm music that was played on technics sl series. After a while i asked if i could try, hahaha i made a mess but after a few spinnings i start hittin'it!!
A few guys there said to me girl you have the feeling and should play more often, improve yourself get cosy with it, So i do.In luck of having lots of friend's in the music scene, a complete gear is accessable in my garage!?Still need to learn a lot, but willing to!?

And my dj name?? I am just KoolStuff.... =)


3 Comments for StuffyKool
Lead wrote on 10-06-2012 @ 20:15
FlagRenzje wrote on 11-12-2012 @ 23:31
Hoi Steffie, mooie DJ name! Heel veel succes met het djen! Groetjes, Renzo Heb nog geen dj naam dus ik draai onder mijn eigen naam todat ik een passende naam heb gevonden.
FlagD-One wrote on 05-01-2013 @ 19:37
oke niceCool

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