CDJ and DVJ Firmware upgrade - How to install  14

 Denon DN-S3500  19

 Freeview for CDJs  10

 MMC Merger v2.0 for CDJ-1000(MK2)  7

 Numark CDX  6

 Pioneer CDJ-1000  3

 Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2  9

 Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3  (1 online  40

 Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Blue LED Modification  16

 Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 DVJ Jog Modification  10

 Pioneer CDJ-100s  11

 Pioneer CDJ-200  21

 Pioneer CDJ-2000  21

 Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus  1

 Pioneer CDJ-350  29

 Pioneer CDJ-400  86

 Pioneer CDJ-500II  3

 Pioneer CDJ-500s  5

 Pioneer CDJ-800  13

 Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2  33

 Pioneer CDJ-850  13

 Pioneer CDJ-900  19

 Pioneer CMX-3000  7

 Pioneer CMX-5000 

 Pioneer DMP-555  15

 Pioneer MEP-7000  28

 Pioneer XDJ-1000  2

 Technics SL-DZ 1200  21

 Ultimate CDJ Comparison Chart  11

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Pioneer DJM-400Pioneer DJM-400

With 2 channels a small mixer, but it has 5 Effects, In-Loop Sampler and 4 Auto Beat sync Loops.
Uses the same 32-bits DSP as it's big brother: DJM-1000.

Ultimate CDJ Comparison ChartUltimate CDJ Comparison Chart

See a ticked list on all features of all big CDJ's (800, 1000 and 1000MK2) so you can compare them feature wise. This overview currently only holds legacy products.

Geluiden MixenGeluiden Mixen

Wat gebeurt er als je geluiden met elkaar mixt, wat is RIAA filtering en meer. geluiden mixen klinkt zo simpel maar er zijn wel een paar dingen waar je rekening mee moet houden.

Pioneer DDJ-T1Pioneer DDJ-T1

The DDJ-T1 is a controller dedicated to Traktor DJ mix software. This controller by itself does nothing, it needs to be connected to a computer running mix software.

Reverse Play on your TurntableReverse Play on your Turntable

How to play a record reverse on you turntable when the option is not available on your deck ? You can do it with a few simple steps and show off.

Pioneer HDJ-1000Pioneer HDJ-1000

This model of headphones features Hi-tech looking, Loud and very Precise sound, curling wire and mono-stereo switch. First units we're supplied with free HDJ-egg shaped transport case.

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