CDJ and DVJ Firmware upgrade - How to install  14

 Denon DN-S3500  18

 Freeview for CDJs  10

 MMC Merger v2.0 for CDJ-1000(MK2)  7

 Numark CDX  6

 Pioneer CDJ-1000  3

 Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2  9

 Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3  40

 Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Blue LED Modification  16

 Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 DVJ Jog Modification  10

 Pioneer CDJ-100s  11

 Pioneer CDJ-200  21

 Pioneer CDJ-2000  21

 Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus  1

 Pioneer CDJ-350  28

 Pioneer CDJ-400  86

 Pioneer CDJ-500II  3

 Pioneer CDJ-500s  5

 Pioneer CDJ-800  13

 Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2  33

 Pioneer CDJ-850  13

 Pioneer CDJ-900  19

 Pioneer CMX-3000  7

 Pioneer CMX-5000  (1 online 

 Pioneer DMP-555  15

 Pioneer MEP-7000  (1 online  28

 Pioneer XDJ-1000  2

 Technics SL-DZ 1200  21

 Ultimate CDJ Comparison Chart  11

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Pioneer CDJ-900Pioneer CDJ-900

Next generation performance deck, made as follow up for the CDJ-800 series and offering the ProDJ link feature to share media on USB/SD devices.

Definitie van GeluidDefinitie van Geluid

Dit topic bevat de basiskennis die elke DJ of Producer eigenlijk zou moeten weten.Uitgelegd worden de variabelen die een rol spelen als we het over geluid hebben.

Formula Sound/Function One FF-6000Formula Sound/Function One FF-6000

A 6 channel club mixer. Designed for maximum performance with Funktion One audio systems. There is some colouring of the sound by this mixer though...

Pioneer DJM-350Pioneer DJM-350

Pioneer's new low-end mixer, bringen some of the club features to a small mixer for home use.

Pioneer DJM-600 Fader ReplacementPioneer DJM-600 Fader Replacement

Replacing any of the Channel Faders of the DJM600 is very easy when you have some technical knowledge and you can work with a screwdriver.

Pioneer CDJ-200Pioneer CDJ-200

Features : MP3 playback, Beat Loop, Loop Cutter, Full Digital Out and an extreme looks. Replacing the CDJ-500s by combining new Loop Features with the effects of the CDJ-100s.

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