Labels & Publishers

  ComBeatz  Record Label
  Scantraxx  Largest Dutch Hardstyle Label
  Spinnin  Modern dance music

Artist & DJs

  Ben Liebrand  Mastermixer and creator of the Grandmix  Urban DJ offical Homepage   TIP
  DJ Irwan  Urban DJ, also Partysquad
  DJ Isaac  Hardstyle DJ - Official Homepage
  DJ Rob & MC Joe  Founder and creator of Oldschool.
  DJ The Prophet  Harder styles DJ
  DJ Tutor  dj tutorials by johnatan and brian  Dutch DJ and Producer
  Randy Katana  Tribal Drums DJ, a legacy of its kind

DJ Member Websites  Hardstyle, Jumpstyle DJ  TIP
  Dark Delight  A online portofolio with lots off free mp3s
  DJ Boy  Website of DJBoy
  DJ Devotion  Website van DJ Devotion
  DJ Dyno  Official site  TIP
  DJ Paralizer  DJ Paralizer- Early hardcore and oldschool
  DJ River  All about his work, free mp3 downloads etc..
  Juno Records  Vinyl & Records
  Party VJ Richard  Site van Party VJ, VJ Richard
  test  test
  The Dizzy DJ  DJ Homepage

Resources & Communities

  Discogs  Global Music Industry Database
  DJ Advantage  Equipment and Artists information
  DJ MAG  Italian News and Reviews Site for Dj and Producers
  DJ School  also IDP/DMC Holland
  dj2dj  IDP DJ Fora  Overview of Benelux DJ Contests  TIP
  DMC World Championship  Turntable World Championships
  Dutch TV Tunes  All TV tunes from the 80s and 90s
  Guide to Electronic Music  The electronic music guide
  Mixfreaks  Home of the Dutch Mixfreak Mailing List
  myDJspace  Music & video sharing for DJs, Producer & clubbers
  the dj list  stats van djs
  Wayback Machine  The Internet webpage Archives

Online Music Sales & Labels

  Beatport  EDM music store for DJs Records  Vinyl & Records  Dutch Hardstyle online shop
  HTFR Hard to Find Records  Vinyl & Records
  JunoDownload  4 million dance tracks available
  Mid-Town Records  Vinyl & Records
  Recess Records  Vinyl & Records
  Track it Down  Home for dance music

Misc Links

  C-64 Scene Database  Online history resource  The Commodore 64 Demo Portal  Online image to JPG resizer


  A&H: Xone  Allen & Heath Xone Mixers
  Beats by Dre  Headphones
  Denon DJ  Official Denon DJ Gear
  Earproof  Earplugs, oordoppen & in-ear monitor instant fit
  Freefloat  The Inflateable Turntable Stabilizer
  Gemini  DJ Gear & Audio
  Numark  DJ Products
  Pioneer Benelux  Official dutch Pioneer website
  Pioneer DJsounds  Offical Vlog
  PioneerDJ  Official Pioneer DJ Platform
  Reloop  Official Reloop DJ Gear
  Sennheiser  Official Sennheiser Headphones

Companies & Organisations

  BSE Licht & Geluidsverhuur  BSE Licht & Geluidsverhuur, Groningen
  Discovery Sound & Vision  De DJ Specialist in Noord Holland
  NveProNL - A & V Services  Audio & Visual Services
  PA-markt  Nederlands grootste verkoopbeurs van gebr. DJ-gear
  RL Showequipment  RL Showequipment - Professionals since 1985
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