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globalmeds2010    posted on 12-04-2018 02:44

Buy cannabis oil, MJ and all types of kush ;Hawaii-Skunk,Hindu Kush,OG Kush,etc.
E-MAIL: bekesrofine@gmail.com

Top High Quality of hash oil, hemp oil, lavender oil and other high quality of medicinal herbs of all strains and buds to ease you from pains, sleepless nights and nerves problems. We supply to dispensaries and other individual patients who are above 18 years. Our shipping is discrete and delivery is within 24 hours and via DHL, USPS, FedEx. This medicinal herbs of all strains and buds will help you to relief you from all illnesses pains and our prices are most competitive in the market.

-Premium Combo Kief

-Purple Drank Oil
-OG Oil
-Berry White Oil
-Pure Kush Oil (I)
-Headband Premium Oil (H)
-Strawberry Cough Oil (S)
-Strawberry Cough Oil (S)

-Lavender Kush Shatter (I)
-Sour Diesel Wax (S)
-Blue Dream Playdoh Wax (H)
-Jedi Dream Flakey Wax (I/S)
-Crazy Train/Dream Queen Waxy Playdoh (H)
-Headband Flakey Wax (H)
-XJ-13 Wax (H)

Contact :

E-MAIL: bekesrofine@gmail.com

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