Eddyk    posted on 27-01-2018 06:25

hey out there , we offer top quality marijuana for patients and private consumers ready to kill their pains,anxiety,depression and more situations that requires Cannabies treatment , we also have all grades of cannabis oil and dabs all along with vape for various users , so can see some few samples of our available strains below 

OG Kush
Green Crack
Blue Dream
God Gift
White Rhino
Sensi Star
Purple Urkle
Purple pine
Orange Kush
Northen Lights Afghanica
Master Kush
Hindu Kush
Gods Gift
Girl Scout Cookies
LA Confidential
Bubba Kush 
Blackberry Kush
Afghan Kush
Acapulco Gold AG
White Widow 
Sour Diesel
Pineaple Xpress 
Moon Rocks
Maui Wowie
Jack Herer
Burban Poison
Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Interested Patients or people in need of Medical Cannabis

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