DASH_BILLS    posted on 11-10-2017 21:09

1st Grade Undetectable counterfeit bank notes for sale.....

We produce first grade undetectable counterfeit bank notes. These notes pass the UV lights and pen tests with all watermarks and security features just as you will get in real money.


We have a very long experience in the business in the following categories;

-20 years experience in the shipping/mailing of illicit products.

-15 years in printing of black notes, first grade undetectable counterfeit bank notes.

-over 20 employees and 50 agents worldwide with terminals in a couple of countries, permitting us to do shipping worlwide from any angle with fast delivery.


These experiences coupled with the ever increasing advanced technology, is what enables us to come out with such authentic real looking bills.


Not only do we provide excellent bills as well, but we do guarantee you safe and secure delivery, as we have everything encrypted with us. 

Coupled with that, we do provide our justifications that we are legit, and if you are interested in getting first grade bills feel free to email us at: 



Thanks and looking forward to your orders!!!!



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